37 facts about Denmark through the eyes of Russians

37 facts about Denmark through the eyes of Russians

1. In Denmark, very tasty pastries. And even in the most simple shops "7/11", which are found on almost every corner.

2. The Danish pastries are so good that around it formed a kind of subculture. Almost every Dane will tell you about his favorite biscuits, cakes, and where you can buy them.

3. Despite the passion for sweets suffering completeness can not be found. This is probably due to the cult of a healthy lifestyle.

4. The majority of Danes are working from eight in the morning until four days.

5. Most shops are closed in the period of between five and six days, so if you want something to have time to buy, you have to hurry. This mode of operation is dictated by taxes. The longer the work shop, the higher the tax rate.

6. Average tax the employee is about 43% of his earnings, which is stipulated in employment. The rate may vary depending on the level of income. Can enter into force various benefits.

7. The majority of Danes have become entangled and can not be sure how much they takes the state, but, as one, believe that too much.

8. To dismiss a man to warn him for two months on this.

9. employers supposed to feed their workers. Breakfast is from seven to eight in the morning, lunch from twelve to one o'clock, dinner at six o'clock. It allocates each employee about 50 euros per month, the rest pays the employer.

10. As a rule, each more or less large company has its own dining room and cooks in the state.

11. The most common transport - a bicycle. And it is not primarily for the love of nature and exercise - so historically. After the Second World War was the gasoline shortage and the need to somehow get out of the situation. 12. No one has bicycle helmets, however, the collision of cyclists - something quite humdrum.

13. On the cycling race obsessed with the whole nation, known for their cyclists like rock stars, about which we can talk for hours.

14. For the majority of Danes car - an expensive luxury, the amount of tax on the ownership of the means of transportation is one of the highest in Europe and is more than the cost of the car.

15. Reduce the car tax can convert it into the cargo - by removing the second row of seats, thus increasing the trunk. The body is strengthened by special rods similar to the safety cage in rally cars.

16. In Denmark, the most brazen drivers (after cyclists) - a bus driver. The buses have to go to the minute (on the scoreboard stops have to show how much is left up to the next), and if something interferes with this, it's very frustrating.

17. Buses are able to bend to the right, to facilitate the landing with disabilities and parents who bring children in strollers.

18. In transport there is free Wi-Fi, but in order to access it, you need to specify your CPR - a unique identifier that completely destroys your anonymity.

19. Danish women is not very beautiful. However, maybe this is a consequence of their addiction to clothes, convenient for cycling - loose, shapeless sweaters, leggings, soft comfortable slippers without heels.

20. However, I was able to see and Danish women in the lungs sarafan, at his heels, and riding a bicycle unchanged.

21. But the Danish men deserve attention - the real Vikings. And not only externally. For Dane the birth of a child - a great event. And the newfound father almost completely takes over the care of him. Of course, we are not talking about breastfeeding. But to change diapers, feed with a spoon, go for a walk with a stroller - it is not a burden but a real privilege Viking, they embody the proud. 22. Incidentally, this also applies to household chores. Cleaning the apartment, washing dishes, walking for groceries - all this for the Danish men usual case. About which they speak with pride and irony.

23. The Danish children - surprisingly quiet. Do not cry, do not cry.

24. In Denmark, the buildings will not meet over six floors. But in fact, the first floor is not considered on the floor, so officially five floors, the first is called the ground floor.

25. The number of rooms in the apartment is considered to be the dormitories.

26. Real estate in Denmark is very expensive. And it is not the best quality. Often, the most new homes in the city are more than a century, it is quite close to the rooms and floors creaking boards. Budget apartments (the ones that do not cost more than 100 000 euro), as a rule - one-room apartment, where not only the shared bathroom, but even the kitchen can be a part of the hall.

27. An integral part of the interior is a large flat screen TV. And it is understandable: after six in the evening to do is practically nothing. Everything that you can think of, except the TV, either very expensive or unhealthy. Therefore all watch TV. After an evening jog, of course.

28. Danish humor unbearable. Send Fuck You! instead of congratulations on his birthday - it is quite appropriate turn of events. And no matter how much on the short leg you are.

29. The Danish language is also unbearable. A huge number of guttural sounds (which, in principle, the standard for the Scandinavian languages) is combined with the sometimes inappropriate softness, pronounced with amazing promiscuity, and written not by the letters which are expected to see. For example, the word "Gade" - street, read not only as "Geel". Something between a "Girl" and "Gael". Moreover, where there come from "l", when clearly written "d", which is in all other cases and is read as "d". In general, if simplified, danish something similar to that, as the French say in German. 30. The Danes - very enterprising. Very spicy smell their benefits and never it will not miss. They say it has gone since those times when the Vikings, Danes were thunderstorms all over Scandinavia and modern Sweden and Norway have had their possessions. But only if they act with the sword, and now the "big money". Ie crown.

31. Enterprising Danes are afraid and do not like Americans, probably because those are much more nimble in business matters.

32. Incidentally, the southern territory of Sweden still consider myself more Danes than Swedes.

33. In Denmark, a strange climate. Almost all year round they have the temperature in the region of 10-20 degrees Celsius. Well and rain. Slack a little, but always there is some gloom in the sky. Danes joke that their summer is different from their winter only because rain a little warmer.

34. In Denmark, free medical care. Insurance paid by the state (or of your own self-taxation). Each quarter has a "family doctor" to which a person must apply when sick. If moves more than five kilometers from their former place of residence, you can change your "family doctor" if closer - it is impossible.

35. Denmark does not throw plastic bottles. And not because they are conscious, but because they use plastic bottles worth the money. Collect and take a plastic bottle is not only a shame, but also profitable. Here's how it works. Buying a bottle of cola in a plastic bottle, even for 20 crowns, the person at the cash register to pay a little more, even 22 crowns. The two crowns, the so-called "PANT" pledge, which can be obtained by passing back the used bottle in point of reception. They are usually found in all supermarkets and give no money, and handed over a check for bottles, which can be redeemed in the same supermarket, as part of the purchases. With this system, the used plastic containers in the streets with fire will not find. 36. I do not know why, but a lot of hairdressers in Denmark. Whether their activities are not subject to such draconian taxes, whether it is the only thing that can do emigrants (that they own 99% of cases and work in such institutions).

37. In Denmark, almost every step you can buy flowers in vases and candles. Both are placed on windowsills and creates comfort for living there, and to passers-by.