This insanely real world # 5

We continue to sum up this year. This time in an unusual clip loaded the greenest month, the heyday of all living things - a harbinger of summer in May.

Let's see what he has prepared for us in terms of the most amazing and fun event.

Let's start traditionally, with a review of Russian miracles. For a start - two records from one person.

Nomination "Russian hero"

This insanely real world # 5

In Moscow, a man immediately set two world records. Amateur Power Extreme Alexander Muromsky first vomited behind the phone directories. 3 minutes managed to destroy 10 units. Then the Russian hero bent steel rods 24 trimming valves per minute.

This insanely real world # 5

The Record has fixed a representative of Guinness Book. On stage Muromsky received official certificates. Stop there, he is not going. The plans strongman another record. For its establishment will have to work his head, and in the truest sense. Hercules going speed split forehead 100 concrete blocks.

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Ilya Muromets, version 2.0. Just what directories to blame?

Records records, however, and Siberian scientists (yes, that Siberian) - are more entertainers!

Nomination "Not by bread alone ..."

Irkutsk scientists have invented Iceland Moss bread. This lichen, known for its healing properties. Scientists say that the moss in the composition of the test makes it possible to make the bread more useful (in particular, it speeds up the removal of toxins from the body).

This insanely real world # 5

It can also be used as a dietary product.

In addition, lichen increases the shelf life of the product. For the production of bread and Icelandic moss scientists have already obtained the patent. Adjust output is planned in the next six months.

This insanely real world # 5

I wonder if Moss is going to Baton just on the north end and evenly throughout the pulp? At this rate, and bread with mold becomes expensive delicacy. Not very far from the theme of mosses and lichens ...

Nomination "Ah, this wedding sang and danced ..."

The fright and Brownie were married in Kirov. City took the heroes of the project "Fairytale Map of Russia". Brownie fright wife has always been, but they did not have a formal wedding.

This insanely real world # 5

Therefore, it was decided to organize the pair of solemn registration of marriage registry office in the fairy. At the ceremony came the fabulous characters from all over Russia. Among them - the gingerbread man from Ulyanovsk, as well as Baba Yaga from the village Kukoba.

This insanely real world # 5

I wanted her to see, residence Kirov. Given that the description of legends fagot like a small, crooked and ugly old woman, we can only feel sorry for poor houses. And who came to marry Ivan the Fool and Humpbacked Horse? Want to know the details of the personal lives of all the fabulous celebrity!

Let us now turn to our neighbors:

Nomination "Never too late!"

The oldest Ukrainian student became the master. 80-year-old Theophilus Doroshenko defended his thesis on "Christian ethics in the modern world" and received her "Four".

This insanely real world # 5

According to Doroshenko (pictured below - the second on the right), he made the first attempt to obtain a higher education in 1981, but then was not able to finish my studies. The second time, he went to study after only 22 years old.

This insanely real world # 5

The teachers noted that during the study Theophilus received only good grades and almost never missed a class. Now, after defending a thesis, the oldest student of Ukraine plans to continue his studies. He intends to enter the Faculty of Journalism.

Who would not say that, but never too late to learn! Five, sorry, hold!

While some seniors continue to have fun and knowledge from life, others are already in full marching hand in hand with a thriving marasmus.

Nomination "Again in the milk, sir!"

American preacher who promised to May 21 end of the world, it suffered in October this year. Harold Camping said that it was surprised by the fact that the prediction has not come true. In the end he decided that the day of May 21 was "an invisible judgment day", and its culmination will fall on 21 October.

This insanely real world # 5

It should be noted that these prophecies have become profitable advertising campaign for Family Radio, which broadcast treatment Motorhome live. The value of assets non-commercial radio station has exceeded 100 million dollars.

Once you read this, it is clear that new prediction has not come true! Interesting explanation of this would-be Nostradamus look in the October issue.

Meanwhile, some people just woke up and saw this as a considerable benefit:

Nomination "Resourcefulness 10"

American atheists have promised to take care of pets believers after the end of the world. To do this, they have opened a special help desk pet. For employees of the company have already asked about three hundred people from different states.

This insanely real world # 5

All of them promised that as soon as the coming of Judgment Day and the believers will ascend to heaven, a group of atheists go by their home address to pick up the animal. Then they will be transferred them to a special center where about them "be taken care of as their own."

This insanely real world # 5

The contract with the company expected to last 10 years. This long-term agreement has been developed in case if the current end of the world will not come and pet owners will have to wait for the next.

Nomination "This amazing fauna"

Scientists from the University of Arizona published a ranking of the most unusual creatures, identified over the past year. 1 on the list got jumpy fish, similar in appearance to the cake mixture and bat with his hands. Long time to come up with the name of the scientist did not have: they found the creature dubbed "cupcake letuchemysheryboy jumpy."

This insanely real world # 5

2 nd place in the ranking went to carnivorous leech with teeth. The third position - in a two-meter lizard that lives in trees and feeds exclusively on fruit.

The top ten also included the amazing creatures jumping cockroach; spider, which can pave their webs over the entire river without difficulty; metalloyadnye bacteria and mushroom tree that glows in the dark.

Imagination of scientists to be envied. Letuchemysheryba - not your ide dreams!

Unlike American luminaries, British scientists have once again stayed true to their madness:

Nomination "marasmus was intense,"

B UK group of fighters for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said that to call their cats and dogs "pets" - it is insulting. An idea proposed leader of the group, an Oxford theology professor Andrew Linzy.

This insanely real world # 5

He said that instead of this you need to talk, "companion animal", as the word "host" - "man-guardian." In addition, the "wild", he recommends replacing the phrase "free-living". The professor also criticized the expression "eating like a pig," "sly as a fox" and the like, which are totally unfair to animals.

This insanely real world # 5

"The guardian took care of his companion and let him go freely to the living." It sounds like a treacherous one another relative put on the street to homeless people previously having supplied a loaf of bread. But no matter what, free-living - it is after all the cockroaches!

Continuing the theme:

Nomination "Stay King Kong"

This insanely real world # 5

The British student lived like a monkey for charity. He spent 24 hours in a cage for the gorillas. Lewis Rowden voluntarily agreed to spend the whole day at the zoo, feeding as well as monkeys.

This insanely real world # 5

As a result, the student who does not like fruits and vegetables, have had onions, peppers, spinach, sweet corn, boiled potatoes, bananas and tomatoes. And his "victims" were not in vain - because of this action the student was able to collect 400 pounds for the assistance program to the monkeys. Arriving home, Lewis once ate a large pizza. And as a highlight:

Category "Animals in politics,"

Crocodiles almost ripped the elections in South Africa. In general, the vote in the local government has passed without any problems, but one polling station. People there to get to the boxes, it was necessary to ford the river. After the recent heavy rains, it has spread and is infested with crocodiles, so voters have a long time did not dare to fulfill their civic duty.

This insanely real world # 5

In a few hours and had to postpone the arrival of the election commission, which also decided not to tempt fate. Had to resort to the help of the army, granted the armored cars.

This insanely real world # 5

Here and there "free-living" animals separatists with hostility to the political games.

Nomination "Scent of a volcano"

perfume creator "Eyjafjallajökull" will release a new "volcano" perfume. This scent will be called "Vatnayokudl". Perfume will be made from melt water from the slopes of an Icelandic volcano Grimsvotn, which on the eve of the eruption prevented air service in Europe.

This insanely real world # 5

"Vatnayokudl" is designed for men. The company managed to sell over two thousand bottles "Eyjafjallajokull", each retail cost around one hundred euros.

This insanely real world # 5

The slogan of the fragrance: "Feel like a fire-breathing mountain! Wake up and vomit! "

Nomination "Specials"

Sun hostess lives in Spain. A citizen of this country has issued the star in the ownership of the '31 in the notary office and registered this fact in the Spanish State Land Cadastre.

This insanely real world # 5

According to the terms of the acquisition, the owner of the Sun is committed to keep the star in order and prevent its deterioration. Otherwise, the hostess is waiting for lights a large fine, and an order to the reconstruction work in the sun.

This insanely real world # 5

The woman is also planning to charge residents and tourists in Spain for the use of its proprietary. How does the owner of the star is going to do it and what are the dimensions of the solar extortion - is unclear.

Judging by the fact that luminary and then there are more and more new spots - it's time to hire a band of resourceful woman space migrant workers.

The nomination "Ahead of the planet"

Japanese invented kissing transmitter. With the help of "kiss" are two Internet users who are at a distance from each other. The apparatus consists of two paired apparatus which are connected to the computer.

Feeling called kiss transfer curved plastic tip. Users put it in his mouth and tongue is rotated clockwise or counterclockwise.

This insanely real world # 5

The actions of two users are synchronized via the Internet: if one of them starts to rotate the tip of your device, the second user, it also set in motion.

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While the device exists only as a prototype. The creators want to add the function as the transfer of taste sensations and respiration simulation partner.

It is very difficult to comment, you need to see. Although there is concern that kissing - is only the first step on the path of new inventions.

Nomination "Well not bashi!"

This insanely real world # 5

The cat named Smokey set a world record for the loudest purring. Representatives of the Guinness Book of Records announced the results of the analysis of sound recordings that produces 12-year-old pet. As it turned out, the volume of the purring cat was 67 decibels.

This insanely real world # 5

Therefore, Smokey got into the Guinness Book of Records as the loudest domestic cat in the world. Meanwhile, the loudest sounds emit blue whales and baleen whales. They communicate with each other via the low frequency pulsation volume to nearly two hundred decibels. Download video

It is a pity, Chewbacca does not participate ...

Nomination "The most stupid invention"

English designer came up with a unique tool for touchscreen phones and gave it a name - Buratinostilus. The fact that the screen of such devices in the cold season is almost impossible to use with gloves.

This insanely real world # 5

Designer felt for some time similar feelings in the bathroom, when I could not use your smartphone with wet hands. After several "dives" phone into the water he came up with the idea to create a unique pen for the face.

This insanely real world # 5

A funny design represents a mask which is mounted on the head by conventional gums. Artificial long nose and the tip are made of special electrically conductive material. This allows you to control the touch screen lightly head.

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And finally, the most amazing and life-affirming news on finalochku:

Nomination "For fertility!"

This insanely real world # 5

The most many children resident of the United Arab Emirates in the near future will play eighteenth wedding. In 63-year-old Daad Mohammed Al Balushi from previous marriages grow 60 boys and 30 girls. He is also the grandfather of fifty grandchildren.

This insanely real world # 5

The man has set a goal to become a father, at least 100 children. Cherished goal can be achieved, given good health, "father of the hero." He confessed: "I have never eaten frozen or canned food, always preferred everything fresh, even wives, none of which did not get married to me."

Yeah, real dad Carlo! Just what happens to previous wife?

Nomination "Guardian Angel"

Participant triathlon saved the life of a man, and then continue the race. According to 37-year-old Theresa McCoy, she was in the wrong place, at that time by the will of God. "I was like a guardian angel" - said athlete.

This insanely real world # 5

During the race, Teresa saw lying on the side of the road a man leaned over which two policemen. She recognized him as one of the competitors.

Athlete started to do artificial respiration, and then use the defibrillator, which brought one of the policemen. Later, the man was taken to the emergency room, and Teresa continued to race.

That came to an end in May-a month! Install the useful and necessary records, be resourceful, to treat everyone with humor and a positive attitude. And most importantly, remember: never too late!

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