60 facts about Thailand through the eyes of Russians

60 facts about Thailand through the eyes of Russians

1. The people in Thailand do not live polls under the palm trees and bamboo huts.

2. And does not eat the beetles, larvae and dogs.

3. There is no malaria, dengue fever and tsetse flies everywhere.

4. Here women do not fall only on prostitutes and transsexuals, although those, and others, if desired, can be found in designated areas.

5. Thailand is written with "and", not Thailand

6. Course of the Thai baht is approximately equal to the rate of the Russian ruble.

7. Petrol prices about 1.1-1.2 dollars, distributed economical gasoline with ethanol.

8. export-oriented economy, producing automobiles, electronics, agricultural products.

9. GDP is growing, inflation is low - 2.5 for the last year prices have changed little.

10. The minimum wage - 6000 rubles ($ 200), an average of about 10-15 thousand.

11. Many motorbike (moped), a car, a house, an apartment (often on credit, but a small percentage).

12 engineers, managers, teachers in higher education institutions receive 30 thousand.

13. The various types of small business and self-employment brings a lot of citizens incomes comparable or higher than in the formal employment "Uncle."

14. Given that, you can rent a house from 2 thousand per month. (And for thousands of 6-8 can be a decent house in 2 floors to find if somewhere in Bangkok), it is possible to live well.

15. Many familiar to me Thais visited or lived abroad.

16. The roads are good, updated, expanded, Stalling.

17. Almost all oncoming lane divided concrete blocks or beds.

18. In Bangkok, for unloading is often one-way traffic. 19. Around the Bangkok network exists toll roads, as well as small and large ring.

20. Even far capital normal: the road into 3 bands in one direction and 1-2 service, spreads in the form of bridges over the road, pedestrian bridges, tunnels, multilevel patrols.

21. Even in the farthest village is often normal concreted road.

22. There are mainly two political forces: the proletariat, the peasants (red) and the pro-bourgeois.

23. Several years ago, the bourgeoisie blocked the airport and changed the power of red.

24. A year ago, took over Bangkok's red center and replaced the bourgeoisie (although the next election, not due to capture as bourgeois).

25. Eating a lot of different, not only acute, from the local cuisine varies eastern, southern and northern.

26. Home cooked a little, because a huge number of food items outside the home, the usual portion of food costs about 30-40 rublets ($ 1).

27. Distributed Western brands such as KFC fast food, McDonalds, also operate a network of pizzerias delivery.

28. The format is very popular Korean snack bars, where a table on a common brazier collectively preparing meat, seafood and more.

29. There are many restaurant chains Thai, Japanese and European cuisine.

30. On the street you can buy a half-liter glass of delicious green or orange Thai tea or coffee with milk and ice for 20 rubles (there are even 15).

31. However, Thais might as well sit in Starbucks with a cup of coffee for $ 100.

32. Thai usually drink iced beer, whiskey with ice and soda, or cola. 33. Also sold flavored wines and cocktails based on whiskey or vodka.

34. Own wine is produced, but find it difficult, in contrast to the local cheap whiskey from rice.

35. Local beer producers a little bit - about four or five, the price of 40 rubles. per bottle, imported -. 100 rubles, Heineken has local production, somewhere in the 60 rub.

36. hangover usually does not happen, drunks on the streets there, vypimshi no rowdy, drunken state typically Thai - sit and smile, often after drinking sit behind the wheel.

37. The streets can meet tray with large bottles with red rag plugs - a traditional Nalivaiko infusions in bottles distinguished by strengthening properties (for power, speed, remove valiant, etc...)

38. In Thailand, a lot of forms of housing - one-bedroom studio apartment, multi-room apartments, townhouses (usually 2-3-storeyed housing section wall-to-wall), shop-houses (similar to, but generally above the first floor adapted for shop), mansion house.

39. The cost of renting both commercial and residential real estate is not large, building 3-4 floor an office within a kilometer from the metro in the city center can be found for 12-20 thousand rubles (400-700 dollars)

40. The Thai people love to live in separate houses, and around any large city a huge number of cottage settlements with their protection, park, pond, fitness and so on. N.

41. The Thais do not like to walk, they love to ride

42. They travel in cars, motorbikes, pickup vehicles (rear benches are made), tuk-tuks, buses, subways, Sky Train, boats, motor boats, as well as any home-made carts. 43. In Thailand, producing Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, and more like a Mazda.

44. Prices for locally produced cars in the middle of a complete set of 500 ths. Rubles, the normal import of 2 million., An old / used car in good condition can be found for 200 thousand. Rub.

45. The lead basically decent, a rare horn on the road - something like a mat, a little accident (or, say, remove quickly), many women behind the wheel.

46. ​​Thai language - common to all people, but in the eastern provinces there isaansky dialect similar to the Lao language.

47. English schools learn everything, but the Thais often embarrassed to use it for real communication (however, in the most unexpected places you can find great Thai speaking English or Russian)

48. To talk in a raised voice is not accepted, and a smiling man is not taken for a fool, a smile in response - the norm.

49. The Thai people are very loved and respected by his king. Many revere him as a god. For insulting the royal family you can go to jail for a long time.

50. This Thai massage has nothing to do with the erotic massage. This ancient method of Thai medicine.

51. Drugs are banned, but many rastamanov and smoke almost openly. Perhaps the death penalty only for the sale.

52. Many articles made from parts - a feeling that the waste-free production - no screw is not lost

53. Universal word "boom-boom" means to have sex. Numerous massage parlors or on the boardwalk can a girl ask, "Boom-Boom?" And she will not be offended or say the price or zasmeotsya and say, "Know boom boom." 54. Many institutions for homosexuals - marked with rainbow flags.

55. Firearms Culture - many galleries with a huge selection. Shot costs about 90 rubles, but it's worth it.

56. In the Thai language there is no word "hunger."

57. Thai police - it ironed dandy enjoys immense respect and unlimited rights. Otdubasil can stick anyone who is ill. In my memory, a tourist struck prostitute - cut off immediately, however, managed to avoid prison.

58. Phone tourist police - 555. If you are cheated, or so you thought, or some sort of conflict - it is necessary to call back and help you. If start "resolve" in place, the more drunk - snapped off - with a probability of 99%

59. Mobile communications - cheap - 3 rubles a minute anywhere in the world. I recommend to bring a budget handset and insert a local SIM cards. You look at your phone who called and then calls back ... Well, or not call back :)

60. Local do not bother - buy fruit vegetables in the supermarket such as Auchan, Okay, Tape - on the trolley and on the street - to sell to tourists at exorbitant prices.