Rules of life Robin Wright

Rules of life Robin Wright

I have a small face, I know. But - very moving.

I felt an interest in the art of rather late. I think, about ten - when I started to dance. Actually, maybe I should be a mime.

The first time I saw the Porn nine years. We had a very strange neighbors - a couple of amusing gouging: he was a veterinarian, and that's what it was - I do not remember. But at home they have always had a bunch of animals, and I used to come to them to tinker with any creature. And once, in the middle of summer, I went to visit them. They sat on the sofa, sipping white wine and watched "Deep Throat" (a famous American porn film in 1972). I entered the room and sat down in front of the same screen. I remember, they told me: "Robbie, my dear, it seems you still do not see it. Or mother permits you, "I said to them:" Of course, my mother let me see everything. " Together we inspected the movie to the end, and that's when I lived in fear: so that's what it turns out, we have to do, if you - the actress.

For me, acting is - this is exhibitionism. Instead of the body you bares heart.

I came into a great movie is not out of the theater, as it was with many. I had the great movie of a soap opera (Wright played a role in the television series "Santa Barbara"). You know that in such films not accepted to rehearse. The operator simply turns on the camera, and everything goes by itself. That's why I can safely assume that an actress in one take. And this bad habit I picked up with him because of "Santa Barbara." Several times I asked Sean (from 1996 to 2010, Wright was married to Sean Penn) about his understanding of acting. He's a great actor, but to learn to give them information simply impossible. So I decided to do everything on an intuitive level.

I have become accustomed to, after each film I say to myself: Well, again, the same thing - just as bad, just flat, little movement and little good. In general, all too commonplace.

Trying to control everything - this is just one of the basic human instincts.

Do not let the nanny to raise your children to. I guess I just got lucky, but I did what I always wanted: to raise their children by herself.

It is often the romance out of the relationship with the advent of children. It is a fact. But does this mean that you do not want children? Well, I do not.

When I had children I did not feel any conflict with the career. With the birth of a child in your mind settles quiet but clear voice that strongly reminds you of priorities.

I never could understand why Meryl Streep allow you to play during the pregnancy, and I - no.

I do not want my children to become actors. At least as long as they do not have time to leave the house.

Hollywood - it's a little evil creature, which sticks to you and slowly eats your steadfastness, faith and love for mankind. To feel this, just go to the nearest store to shop. Here, everything is steeped in the industry. Even the waiters strive podpihnut your scenario. I do my best to be selective. I am trying to undertake only those roles that have not yet tried. But then, when I once again shoved the role of destroying himself a woman who just turned forty, I still say, "Yeah, well, dare". This has nothing to do with. Hollywood has decided for yourself who you are. And now they will offer you the same role forever. Of course, you can tell them something like: "Look, maybe I still play someone else?" But you will say, "Why?"

Movies should cause you wish to think. But today, most movies cause you have the desire to eat.

I will never be truly successful. At least Hollywood understanding.

He who says to himself that he wanted to be perfect and never will stumble, be sure to stumble. And it will end up broken.

I've always felt that it is much more useful to spend money on travel, than to buy a new home or a new car. For a long time I believed that with age, it will pass. But I was wrong.

I have always allowed myself to cross the line.

What I like to try myself that I just never happens.

Because I'd make a useless stripper. Undressing, I always feel awkward.

I never undress in front of the camera. I will not show my body. I want people to remember me for my work, and not for what I beauty. Do not think that I do not understand all the rage. My favorite designers - Levi Strauss and Fruit of the Loom (well-known American company that produces inexpensive textiles).

Do blondes are not so bad with a sense of humor.

My mouth - as a motel for truckers. At times from it are heard very bad words.

Do you know this poem? It called "Traces" (known in English-speaking world of work, which the authorship is not set)? This man, a hero, says: "In my dream I was walking along the beach, and when turned around, he saw the prints of a four feet." And it means that the Lord was with him. And then he says: "In another dream, I turned around and saw only two fingerprints." He thinks: "Surely the Lord has forsaken me, having thrown in the path of one." And then he hears: "No, just some moments, I carried you on their shoulders, even though you never notice it."

The man - it's just a list of changes, which have taken place in it for his life.

The answer to any of your questions there for everyone. So try anyone for anything not ask.

I love to read an interview with, where interesting answer questions.

I like, when men stroking my brain.