How to recognize their

To learn how to recognize their own, tell a scout, a surgeon, trucker, gay and participant in the assault of Amin's palace.

How to recognize their

Klubovchenko Andrej, 40 years old, a surgeon, Moscow

We have one international practice, according to which we always get to know each other - to celebrate small need in the sink. This is due to our professional activities. There are many hours of surgery, and relieve the body requires. Therefore, for reasons of hygiene and to save time running away is not the toilet, but in the preoperative room. Mochishsya quickly in the sink, wash your hands again - and to the table. Most interesting is that many surgeons are so accustomed to this that and the house on a small need always go to the bathroom. Sometimes, you sit at a party, who is one of the men went to the toilet though, and the sound of flushing water can be heard. And then I just know a colleague who, before reaching the restroom, turned to the bathroom.

Kolkov Yuri, 32, a security guard in the area, Yavas settlement (Mordovia)

We are called "cops in the area." Dovlatov wrote that those who protect and those who sit, adopt habits of each other. He's right: the guard will come home and will speak to his wife on the same thieves jargon: "stir up some tea. Give pobalabasit ", ie eat. During the years of service guard rearranged in such a way that can express itself only in thieves - will always look askance at people, like the prisoners do, and then can, for no apparent reason to screw zekovskoe expression common mode - hell wilt show. And when the guard sits on a soft chair, I always instinctively to probe it for nychki, be sure to hold hands on the inner side of the table. If you observe such a person in the restaurant - look what he will order. If ordering tea vodka - ours. If the smoke cheap cigarettes - LM or Chesterfield - exactly ours. These cigarettes from their parcels prisoners usually cajole guards. The guard at the beginning of a smoke on a freebie, and then gets used, and without them can not. So, if all this converges precisely our people. Unless, of course, not a con.

Vadim Korn, 74, Scout, Vladimir

Fortunately or unfortunately, found a spy in the crowd almost impossible, if we are talking about ordinary signs. Well, there is, of course, is the man in the street, peering in windows, yawns, and then suddenly sit down to tie the laces, and he gently from side to side looking around. Circle all think it's a crazy city, but no. Most likely - a scout. But this rarely happens. Really get to know a man, you can only spy on his failures. For example, in one country under the guise of a foreigner was in the illegal work our people. No one suspected anything about it could not. And he gave himself in the pool. He jumped into the water and swam Sazhenkov, so there's some woman immediately began to scream: "Oh, look, Russian!" I once found myself being followed - and it was in Grenoble - only after their failure. Behind me in the shop came a young couple. I turned around just in case - and then she became pregnant right before our eyes. It's her pillow under her dress spontaneously pouted. Here, hesitated, and pierced. It is easy to recognize, I learned just ordinary tsereushniki - it is easy, but it does not have the right to tell even now. In a nutshell, they are very similar to Russian: drink a lot and constantly moving from bar to bar.

Trochkine Vladimir, 39 years old, trucker, Khimki

The main distinguishing feature by which you can calculate in one second trucker - this sneaker. Rubber or plastic, which are sold in the market for a hundred rubles. If you can see how the city is a man in slippers, even if it's freezing - this is exactly the trucker. In closed shoes do not train - legs tire quickly. And in slippers at the time. I put them on your toes and you push on the pedals. From this, by the way, very comfortable and nice legs - as if you are doing a massage. And truckers can be calculated from the fact that they are in any of the bike is etched on the dog, which appears in front of the wagon at night, at a time when the unbearably sleepy. This is usually just before dawn: go, black circle, in front of you gray roadbed. From the monotony start dozed off and suddenly out of nowhere on the road and there is a dog runs ahead of your car. And no matter how fast you went, she will always be in front, at a distance. Mysticism, but, you see, we have some top warns: do not sleep, you die. At this point, it is necessary to stop and sleep.

Veremeev Yuri, 61 years old, sapper, Ekaterinburg

As an ordinary person lights a match? Strike sharply on the box it looks like the flame of, and then horizontally puts a match to a cigarette. Minesweeper acts otherwise, using strong flame of a match head, and not the burning. That is, having struck, instantly puts a match to a cigarette. Because just as he ignites a detonator cord, as close to the fire to its tip. Minesweeper always cuts that whatever one movement of the knife, never nags. Because the same abruptly cut detonator cord, which in order to avoid unforeseen does not like heat. When Sapper drink from a glass, always looks over - so we are taught: one should always assess the situation. Pouring into a glass, Sapper throws a quick glance down and then looks around. And only a sapper in the dark pour over the same amount of vodka in different in terms of the dishes. He thinks of gurgling: a half-liter bottle fits 24 Bulka. Everything is simple: by Bulka sapper teach spilling explosives in difficult conditions.

Ogan Karapetyan, 37 years old, employed, Yerevan

This Armenian of the Armenian learns easily: at present the Armenian nose like an eagle's beak, and look very, very direct. We never wink, and his eyes we do not revolve. A still 70-80% Armenian have very thick eyebrows, which are connected in a bridge. But sometimes still have doubts. Then it is necessary to ask: "Hay es? - You're an Armenian or that "the real answer:" Hay em - I - Armenian "Some, however, may be a joke, and you will hear in response:" What do you think - Turks "or" No foreskin graft "Ah!?! even when meeting the real Armenians share a kiss - always one and always in the right cheek. Here we are very easy to distinguish from the Georgians - they kiss and to the right and to the left.

Oleg Balashov, 62 years old, a member of the storming of the palace of Amin, a veteran anti-terror unit "Alfa", Moscow

The operation to seize the palace Taj Beck in Kabul, better known as Amin Palace, where, in fact, started the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan, the two groups took part - "Alpha" and "Vympel". The first directly stormed the palace, and the second, among other things, carried out intelligence work - searching for documents confirming Amin cooperation with the Americans. A total of 46 people participated fight against opponents 200-300. We worked in the form of the Afghan army and not to accidentally touch each other during the assault, developed a password on behalf of the group leaders: "Misha" and "Yasha". I was of "Misha" group. During operation, when making his way through the countless corridors and felt around the corner there is someone, I shouted: "Misha". If you hear in response, "Yasha," I understand that this is our, and if not - fire. With this out of their We do not have touched. Many years have passed, but the participants of those events still respond to their names when they hear them in the crowd. I have a phenomenal memory, and now I know his face. But if in doubt, we always remember the password: "Misha? - Yasha "Misha from us was gone, and Yasha alive.

Chemyshev Alex, 30 years old, stylist, Moscow

Straights between a gay call us, and we have each other - fag or pidovkami. We are very easy to go on contact. Always go with searching, wandering gaze and familiar at once. Shoot eyes and you realize you're hooked her or not: fag in response to your invitation to look to familiarity will take the eye, and the middle - not. Even longer than usual fag shaking hands. In general, we strongly gesticulating and often puts his hands on the chest, very smooth talk and too stretch the letter "a". Like tight clothes, but apart from her fag can fasten the dress that sew to order. This is a sign of the rest: In the middle will think it is just an extra long T-shirt and make out a sundress. And fag very helpful, always hoard door and served the arm, especially a man. Recently there was a new formation - cattle-gay. Such brutal type with bristles, a stern and a hoarse voice. Externally - a typical middle, but in fact gay. For women are treated exclusively "Mom."

Maxim Falin, 32 years old driver metro, Moskva

Machinists is always a long and carefully look after every departing train. This is due to the fact that when we hand over the change, then the job description required to check whether both are burning tail signal lights. When you do this every day, you start to look at the rear lights even on trains. In this case, machinists never stand on the edge of the platform, and when a train is approaching depart as far as possible. The moving train driver can pass along the corridor for a perfectly straight line, never swaying. When I see the trains these people understand: ours.