Movie premieres in November 2011

The last month of autumn can be rightfully hold without getting out of the theater, choosing, for example, action-between "Drive" with Ryan Gosling or frivolous "brilliant dad".

Not only luck pictures, start in the penultimate weekend, because among their rivals would be the absolute "heavyweight" of the season, the next part of the "Twilight" saga. Do not like vampires - read the review and will surely find something to their liking.

"Drive" (Nov. 3)

Movie premieres in November 2011

The film "Drive" Nicolas Winding Refn, for which the latter won the prize for best director at the last Cannes Film Festival, has become one of the most talked about in this kinosezone.

Crime drama with Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan and Christina Hendricks starring talks about the double life of a born racer: the day he stuntman on the set in Hollywood, and at night administers their dark deeds. In the end, everything is too confusing: conflicts, money, love - the freedom it can give only a road.

"Father of Invention" (Nov. 3)

Movie premieres in November 2011

The film is about an eccentric inventor Robert Axel - is another kinovyskazyvanie on fathers and children.

The main character (played by Kevin Spacey) - in the past a millionaire to make a fortune on the invention. Not all of them are equally useful for that Axel and landed in jail. When he was released, he decides to restore his good name and bring wealth. However, all complicate a difficult relationship with the 22-year-old daughter (Camilla Belle), who does not want to let him into her house.

The film was very cool received by critics in the United States, but maybe we will be able to redeem it?

"The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn" (Nov. 3)

Movie premieres in November 2011

Animation blockbuster Steven Spielberg - is the film adaptation of the insanely popular European comics Hergé, who somehow still has not been presented on the big screen. Spielberg has nurtured the project for over 20 years, and now, if successful, is going to make a full saga about the adventures of the hero.

The plot of the comics and the new film is built around the main character Tintin, a curious reporter who has to investigate the mysterious incident, search for treasure and save the world from danger.

Tintin played by Jamie Bell, and the main villain - Daniel Craig. However, the actors learn are drawn on the screen will be able to only the most attentive.

"The Real Story" (Nov. 3)

Movie premieres in November 2011

The film Andrei Marmontova carries heroes of Russian fairy tales in modern Russia: Ivan the Fool Now VDVshnik, Vasilisa the Wise - the teacher, the devil - a homeless person, and Kashchei - oligarch. However, the latter still can not get enough: now he worried his immortality, destroys the old tales and hides those who had time to read them.

Fight it will have children, and fairy-tale characters refuse to help them.

Kashchei played Leonid Yarmolnik, and the couple Ivan the Fool and Vasilisa - couple Bezrukov. Sergei Bezrukov also took part in writing the script and co-produced the project. What he liked it so - a mystery.

"Brothel Lights" (Nov. 3)

Movie premieres in November 2011

In this film, Alexander Gordon, who wrote the screenplay for his father Gary Gordon, Oksana Fandera first time in his film career has played a major role full. Critics appreciated and the film festival "Kinotavr" Vander awarded a prize with the words "For a unique combination of beauty and talent".

The action takes place in Odessa at the end of the 1950s. Mama Luba (Fandera) - a former prostitute, and now - the owner of a small brothel - following closely behind her "girls" Zina-Hitler and zygotes takes courtship romantic mood teenager Arkady and half-mad friends with Adam. And waiting for the return of a loved one, the sea captain. To some of you have already managed to see it, including at yesterday's premiere.

"special detachment" (November 3)

Movie premieres in November 2011

Action Diane Kruger starring: French journalist kidnapped by the Taliban and demand a ransom for her. The French Government refuses to comply with their demands - instead, to help the girl is sent to the special squad. However, few deal with the bandits, you still go home with a dangerous land of Afghanistan.

Lovers of military drum is recommended for viewing.

"House" (3 November)

Movie premieres in November 2011

The film director of "House" Oleg Pogodin known for its militants "Escape" with Yevgeny Mironov and Alexander Serebryakov and "Undefeated" with Vladimir Epifantsev.

In the new film also promises a lot of blood: the plot to his father's house, lost among the Don steppes, returns eldest son Victor, after 25-year absence. The house is already a tense situation, and it turns out that for Victor heels are killer.

In the title role - Sergei Garmash, among other actors - Bogdan Stupka, Vladimir Epifantsev Catherine Rednikova, Ivan Dobronravov.

"Third Star" (November 10)

Movie premieres in November 2011

Tragicomedy Hattie Dalton refers to the film "do not tempt me," only instead of two friends here, all four. One of them is terminally ill and decides to go on a journey together with his old friend, to remember the past days.

The story of male friendship played Benedict Cumberbatch, Hugh Bonneville, Tom Burke and JJ Feild.

"Immortals" (Nov. 10)

Movie premieres in November 2011

epic blockbuster Tarsem Singh continues to the latest Hollywood trend of exploitation of Greek myths.

At this time, the power struggle is unfolding between the rulers of Olympus immortal gods and the Titans. Well, to save the world has to mere mortals. Zeus in turn played by John Hurt, and Luke Evans, Kellan Lutz became Poseidon, Theseus - Henry Cavill, and Phaedra - Freida Pinto. In the image of the powerful king Hyperion appeared Mickey Rourke.

"Passion Play" (November 10)

Movie premieres in November 2011

Another film in November, with Mickey Rourke. This time, he plays the role of a loser musician who spends the night in cheap bars and roadside motels. After another drinking binge, and he meets the heroine Megan Fox, with the real wings on his back.

A touching love story came out a year ago in the US and failed at the box office, critics cursed. Perhaps the blame that explicit scenes between Megan and Mickey viewer will not see here.

"Straw Dogs" (Nov. 10)

Movie premieres in November 2011

Union Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard ordered to live long, but the screen is plenty we can admire this pair.

The heroine of Kate with her husband, Hollywood screenwriter (James Marsden) moves from Los Andzhelessa in the remote southern state. There are not too happy about their new neighbors, and the leader of the local bullies (Skarsgard) soon leads his gang on the offensive.

"Straw Dogs" - a remake of the classic 1971 film with Dustin Hoffman in the title role. New, critics say, does not possess the same intellectual depth, but Skarsgard fans, who every now and then appears in the frame without a shirt, it's unlikely to scare.

"Mr Nice" (November 10)

Movie premieres in November 2011

late for us one and a half year the picture is devoted to the life of Howard Marks, one of the most famous traders of marijuana in the world.

Action biopic is set in the 1970s, starring Rhys Ifans and Chloë Sevigny.

"Rejection" (November 10)

Movie premieres in November 2011

The debut film by Vladimir Lert remarkable that the main role is played by Sergey Babkin, better known as the ex-leader "5`nizza" group. Him company Agnes Ditkovskite, Bogdan Stupka, Alexander Bashirov and others. In the story, a metropolis covers a wave of green mold, and people begin to behave poorly. Heroes are trying to understand what it is - an invasion of extraterrestrial intelligence or military consequences of a failed test, - in the meantime, against the backdrop of apocalyptic love story develops.

"Slackers" (November 10)

Movie premieres in November 2011

The impetus for writing the script of this film were the early songs of Viktor Tsoi, which sounds throughout the film. However, the creators say that the film is not about him, but about the collective image of a young slacker, fun and easy going through life. He writes songs, loitering in the city and lived happily until he encounters her first betrayal.

In the image of the main slacker poet and singer - Anton Shahin.

"Siberia. Monamur" (November 10)

Movie premieres in November 2011

Chamber picture Slava Ross had visited at several film festivals and a few days ago opened the Russian Film Week in New York.

The film tells the story of seven-year Lyoshka and his grandfather, who await the return of the boy's father. Drama unfolds against the background of the taiga, abandoned villages and picturesque landscapes of Siberia.

"Twilight Portrait" (November 10)

Movie premieres in November 2011

The debut picture of Angelina Nikonova "Twilight Portrait" was able to get into our rental thanks largely to its fate festival: film won the award for Best Cinematography at the "Kinotavr", hit the parallel competition program of film festivals in Venice and visited Toronto.

Rigid gender drama explores the relationship between the victim and the offender. The main heroine Marina (played by Olga DYKHOVICHNY) survivor thinks about further developments. She wants revenge, but it selects the non-standard way: to love their abuser.

"Twilight. Saga. Dawn. Part 1 "(Nov. 17)

Movie premieres in November 2011

Groupie counted down the days until the release of the next rental of the Twilight saga, and now it has come to pass.

If someone does not know, can we expect in the fourth film of the franchise the wedding of Bella and Edward, and Bella herself - hard pregnancy and the struggle for life of the child.

In the lead roles are the same (Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and others), and the excitement does not become smaller.

"A Dangerous Method" (Nov. 17)

Movie premieres in November 2011

Loud prime minister and favorite of the competition program of the Venice Film Festival tells the story of the emergence of psychoanalysis.

Viggo Mortensen plays Freud, Michael Fassbender - Jung, and Keira Knightley - their hysterical patient who loves to shoot eyes. Apparently, for it was her, and subjected to flogging.

"Anonymous" (Nov. 17)

Movie premieres in November 2011

against the film by Roland Emmerich wave of protests has risen in the United Kingdom, to which even Prince Charles joined. The British did not agree with the main message of the painting: if the authorship of Shakespeare's plays belong to another person.

In the role of the mysterious writer made Rhys Ifans and Vanessa Redgrave played Queen Elizabeth.

"Fight with 3D shadow: Last Round" (Nov. 17)

Movie premieres in November 2011

Our old friend the boxer Artem Kolchin (Denis Nikiforov) retired, he became a coach and TV stars. However, personal life went downhill, and old enemies again make themselves felt. So again we have to go to the ring and prove you're the best.

Director Alexei Sidorov said that the film will complete the trilogy, but we somehow doubt.

"No hysterics!" (Nov. 17)

Movie premieres in November 2011

The main role in this spicy comedy about the invention of the vibrator played Maggie Gillenhol and Hugh Dancy. Their heroes - a couple in love, in the way that there are prejudices of society and overbearing father. In the story, a young doctor Mortimer (Dancy) takes a job as a doctor who treats his patients tantrums intimate massage. From clients no end, but Mortimer soon begins to care only daughter of his boss, Charlotte (Gillenhol).

"The Killing Fields" (24 November)

Movie premieres in November 2011

Thriller talks about a series of mysterious murders that happen in small town Texas. Local detectives come together to investigate a police officer from New York (Sam Worthington), but soon events get out of control.

In the film, played by rising star in Hollywood, Chloe Moretz.

"Tower Heist" (24 November)

Movie premieres in November 2011

The director Brett Retner apparently drawn to the topic of office (he prodyusirovl "Horrible Bosses"), because his new film is also dedicated to the vicissitudes of relations workers and boss.

In the story, a group of bank employees (Ben Stiller, Casey Affleck, Matthew Broderick, Tea Leoni, Michael Pena, Gabourey Sidibe) hires a criminal (Eddie Murphy), to take revenge on the businessman, because of the machinations which they lost their retirement savings.

Topic is relevant for Russia.

"Perfect Sense" (24 November)

Movie premieres in November 2011

Another film about love against the backdrop of the apocalypse. At this time, no natural disasters and is approaching Earth comets: the plot of the picture David McKenzie people around the world are beginning to lose feeling, each of the five human. And Michael (Ewan McGregor) and Susan (Eva Green) persist in trying to save his love.

In addition, film fans are sure to enjoy the festival of British cinema, which will be held from 2 to 13 November. As part of it, in addition to the already mentioned films "without hysteria," "Mr. Nice", "Third Star", can be seen and the most notable films of British cinema in recent years. But parents should necessarily take their children to the Big Cartoon Festival, which runs until 7 November. Here, however, it will be interesting for adults: program of the festival includes both full-length animated films avangardistki wing, and short cartoons for the very young. Geography presented paintings cover almost the whole world: a rare opportunity to see masterpieces of animation on the big screen.