Payment in kind for an apartment

• Payment in kind for apartment

The correspondent of "Apartment number" of the newspaper decided to conduct an experiment, how realistic is to rent or to rent an apartment not for money but for the payment of what is called nature.

She and her husband were placed on one of the sites two ads: one - from the man's face (rent an apartment a girl under 30 years, sex twice a week), the second - from the face of the woman (rent an apartment to the man to 45 years, sex twice a week ). rooms were given mobile phones and location of the apartment without a specific address.

Payment in kind for an apartment

The first experiment clock showed: the difference between men and women definitely have. If "man's" number calls were endless, the "female" silent as a partisan.

- Why only twice a week? - calls on the candidate is living. - Maybe more often?

- Then, with an additional charge - I found a "landlord". - Another 200 USD.

- Well, interesting. - The tube was hanged.

- Maybe I'd better money? - crumpled another call.

- If you can money, then a lot of these ads. And I do not need money.

- Very, very not need? - although they talked on the phone, it was felt that the candidate is rolled her eyes in surprise.

- Absolutely!

- Well, well, - she sighed. - Where to visit? - The conversation had round.

The next call was pretty businesslike:

- You know, the two of us. You can be split into two? And then the payment will be: each of the two times a week or each opponent?

- Uh-uh ... - I moaned my faithful. - Well, I guess, let it be with every on time. - Oh, that'cool! - Then there were several issues related to how the footage and convenience of apartments, as well as external data of its owner.

By the middle of the day suddenly woke up "female" number:

- The girls! In tebya Nat husband, huh? You are beautiful? Come on, I'm getting married on tebe, ne is twice a week, and more! I stalls est, est Dang ... - It was the only call to "feminine" room without rudeness and insults ...

So, two days on the "male" number received 72 calls. Six of them - with insults and curses. About ten - with displays of curiosity ( "Why do you experience this?"). The rest, in principle, their consent to such payment confirmed stay. Many have tried to bargain.

With the "female" Case Number situation was worse, I did not have enough and 30 calls, of which curses and insults - 23. The remaining seven contained the marriage proposal. At the same time candidates for grooms, please specify: a flat right on the property? Privatized? Not on the social contract of employment? After receiving confirmation, began to call down the aisle. Some of the "suitors" were also interested in appearance, but the question that troubled them less than the kitchen area.