As genetics eliminated cruelty of Hitler

• How Genetics eliminated brutality Hitler

For none of us is no secret that a lot of blank spots in history. For example, there is a version of what Adolf Hitler did not actually committed suicide, taking with him to the next world also his wife Eva Braun, and quietly disappeared with her somewhere on the South Pole.

As genetics eliminated cruelty of Hitler

And now, having studied the classified material by British intelligence archives, the researchers concluded that Hitler tried to neutralize ... made him a woman. No, of course not now speak about some of the sex-change operation, so popular at the moment, and on the treatment of hormone.

Führer, it was decided to add in food female hormone estrogen, which would make his character more gentle and reduced aggression. Such experience British scientists tested as early as the 1930s on the most dangerous prisoners: serial killers and rapists. And soon it gave the result: the prisoners began to turn into a quiet, calm, balanced people. Some of them even expressed a desire to learn to knit!

Experience of this kind, it was decided to try and Adolf Hitler. And the thought came to mind, Major-General of the British Army Edmund Blackadder. No sooner said than done! Thus began an operation code-named "Paula" (name Paula Hitler his sister). It was her hormones and would like to use, so they are better absorbed by the body of Hitler. It should be noted that Paula was a complete contrast to his brother.

As genetics eliminated cruelty of Hitler

Paula Hitler, sister of Adolf Hitler

The question immediately arises: why all so complicate? It is much easier to poison the enemy, and that's that! But no! Poison Hitler simple poison was impossible: all the food that falls on the table of the Fuhrer, thoroughly tested and auditioned tasters, so that traces of the poison would be immediately noticed. But hormones - is another matter! They are colorless, tasteless and highly soluble. Yes, and it would not cause any public suspicion, in contrast to the classical scheme of assassination.

The whole scheme "production" of hormones and supplement them in confectionery products delivered to the table by Adolf Hitler, described in detail in the book by Brian Ford. It is necessary to say that the operation did not have time to bring their results - it ahead of the Soviet troops. The fact that the action of hormones on the body is not bystrodeystvenno, and since the beginning, "Paula" to suicide by the Fuhrer passed not so much time to completely change his personality.