KinoFresher - The Rum Diary

• KinoFresher - The Rum Diary

Frustrated writer Paul Camp decided to earn some money in the godforsaken rag small but promising resort town of San Juan in Puerto Rico. While the island is buried in rum, roguish businessmen are gradually buying up land. Paul Camp is in the center of events and quietly to himself finds the meaning of life and great love.

KinoFresher - The Rum Diary

The film was shot well, Johnny Depp does not disappoint, but rather pleased. The image of a bright, high-spirited, lively. Other actors also are harmoniously blended into the narrative without causing any rejection.

KinoFresher - The Rum Diary

Events are moving very reluctantly and casually as if fiction is not at all. No insidious intrigues, no tragedy. Such is the life and very Rum Diary Paul Kemp.

Despite the alcohol theme, this is not "The Hangover," funny moments on the strength of three, the others only cause a slight smile. See frankly boring, all waiting for that now something happens ... and nothing. Blog it is a diary.

KinoFresher - The Rum Diary

Smoot exactly two points.

First, the mere fact of non-stop drinking. I am opposed to such propaganda. What conclusion can make naive people of this particular film? Here lived the unfortunate writer, went in hot countries and in the heat of rum found himself? Yes, and I cut off the girl! I do not argue, these cases can and have. However, for the majority of fatal - it is the way to one end.

KinoFresher - The Rum Diary

And the second point: the behavior of the girl, Chenot. Is that normal in front of her husband to flirt with a muscular black man, and then the abyss? But judging by the film, yes, this is the norm. And even exclusively for the better, because Chenot rid of fraudster-husband and moved like a banner, to a more worthy candidate. And then all wonder, why are girls are gone ... open. In general, a shame.

KinoFresher - The Rum Diary

But for the call for fair journalism - thank you. This is certainly one of the main themes in the film. Despite the 1950s narration, it is important in our time.

Verdict: 3/5 - you can watch it at home, for Johnny Depp. 5/5 - if you like a leisurely narrative without shocks.

T. Travk, especially for our website


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