Woman and Death

Woman and Death

Winter. I - a mediocre student of seventh grade back from school, I saw a huge crowd and a pleasure to join her. I sneak into the first row of the stalls, where in front of me on the trampled snow lay two men in working overalls.

Apart from the general duty of lamentation, like: "Sorry guys, so young ..." I heard a distinct libretto happening - somewhere under the ground there was a small accident, one word - a gas leak.

Arrived brigade to remove, put on masks with long hoses, climbed through a manhole into the earth, but only the top left none ... That protivogaznye pipe and flew a frail wire, falling from a pure frosty air straight to hell ...

While passers-by noticed yet made noise until the men came running from the housing, until the poor fellows pulled to the surface ... And all too late. Then I joined an adult frozen onlookers who enjoy gloomy spectacle.

Spectators busily, as the avant-garde art exhibition, peering into the dead face and discussed the "art object".

- Could leave someone at the top, then it would remain alive ...

- All right, they have no one left, that were dead young ...

- Oh, God has given, God has taken. Of these at least will be buried in an open coffin, but in our house, Granny hung on the balcony of summer clothes, so had it with the lid closed dig. The eleventh floor, laughing at something ... - Well, yes.

The mob stole some stooped ZhEKovsky Head in a mink hat. He was in one coat, but it was evident that the head hunched and shivering not from cold, but from the future of the criminal case, which shrank and shudder.

Head doomed fussed, trying to do something to head hopeless situation retroactively. For some reason he took off his jacket and covered his face with one of the victims, then chattering teeth, strongly began to ask his subordinates - what would cover the second?

Workers distracted eyes searched the white snow, unable to find anything suitable ... Suddenly cold ZhEKovsky Head came out of the hero's image and screamed:

- Guys, they also had three! Reach for another run!

Blue dived into masks and reluctantly climbed down. Four minutes later, next to two, lying on the back and third bedolaga. That's just he looked much worse early - all red and blue, scary. Yes, and the leg is broken - it could get only at the second attempt, the body slipped back to the beginning and snapped his leg.

Chief hunched even more, he plaintively smoked, wrapped in a jacket draped over. Suddenly the crowd flashed through paralyzing scream. Not male and not a female, such cries are only in the program "In the world of animals."

Anyway, when I saw that the woman screaming, all the old doubts have disappeared and I unconditionally believe in Darwin's theory. If we are able to scream so terribly, the people we have recently ... It was a slender woman of thirty, she returned from work, came across a crowd, is not passed by, looked closely and saw her husband lying in the snow with a blue face and unnaturally turned leg.

Wife frantically rushed to the dead husband, grabbed his head and howled like a wolf. Frozen people who wanted it was to disperse - were delighted. According to the auditorium began to run cues such as "Men dragged her someone let rest, you can see that it is not in itself. You can not disturb the dead, it is a sin ... "

The woman, meanwhile, behaved like crazy - bother and hit her husband's cheeks. Even I tried to do CPR.

ZhEKovsky Head saw his mission to personally tear distraught aunt from her dead slave. He grabbed her from behind and tried to lift his feet. And it is here that all scared ... Woman seriously twisted and predatory growl bitten chief of the face.

Krovischa flowed, the man hid behind a cap and silently left the field of battle, and the woman again dived back, continuing to stir up trouble and blow hot air into the dead body of her husband. No one has tried to stop the tantrum. It was not fools.

Death, which reigned supreme around very offended by the lack of piety in front of him at this half-crazy widow. Death thought, thought and decided: "No, I do not agree to work in a nervous situation," he pulled his hood and flew back into the black drain. At the same moment, a dead man with a blue face and a broken leg made a faint moan ... Wife took him with renewed vigor. A minute later it has vomited as a very ordinary living man, and two, he said that he was very cold and a sore leg. Ten minutes later revived man could sit alone in the snow, putting his wife to massage his hands numb.

Bit resigned to the miracle, the crowd again started to release the disgruntled replica against women: "All right, all raised their own, so help others, do not be selfish, and they can still be saved ... At least try to, you know how ... "

Woman, clutching her husband's head, gave us a look that no one no more questions arose.

Ambulance arrived, the doctor touched the first two, and declared: "We do not do so, call trupovozku", and the third on a stretcher and loaded with his wife in the car and departed.

A month later, a survivor gasman with his frantic wife got an apartment in our entrance. They give birth to three children and lived happily ever after, that's just lame disability from broken leg overhaul stayed forever ...