Medical jargon

• Medical jargon

Concise Dictionary of medical jargon used by Russian doctors.

Medical jargon

Aiknuty - patient after the operation carried out using the apparatus of artificial blood-circulation (AIC).

Grandma-narushka - an elderly patient with acute stroke. See. Narushnyak.

BNVPNPG - blockade lower branch right bundle branch block, abbreviation frequent descriptions electrocardiograms.

Tugboat - sodium oxybutyrate - psychotropic drug. See. Ksenia Oksana.

Betseshnik - a patient who was found to hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.

Deadwood - Chamber c immobile patients. See. Sunbed.

Helicopter - gynecological chair.

Tick ​​with Baubles - drug combination of haloperidol and fenazepama. It is used to load the patient.

Accordion - ventilator (ventilator) with manual transmission. customer brought the accordion - an ambulance brought the patient connected to the ventilator.

Pull the esophagus - hold transesophageal (therapeutic or diagnostic) pacing. See. ChPEKSnut.

Childhood - the children's ward of the hospital.

Disco - included a siren and flashing lights ambulance. Cm. Color music.

Full-term eyes - full-term pregnancy in women with an indication for caesarean section for myopia (nearsightedness).

DEPuyuschy patient - a patient suffering from circulatory encephalopathy - often elderly people with constant complaints "on the head."

Toad - angina. Sometimes - very unpleasant patients from the cardiology department.

ZHMBB - the abdomen is soft and painless. Most often, such a record is done very fast or hurrying the doctor on duty in the hospital.

Adopt a patient - to restore sinus (normal) rhythm after cardiac arrest.

Download patient - enter psychotropic drugs. Zebra - demonstrative patient after attempted suicide with typical surface cut wounds forearm. See. Violinist.

Kesarki - women after cesarean section.

The customer - the patient, usually an ambulance.

Clinic - Clinical death. See. Stop.

Canned - patients who are in office (typically surgical) to conservative, ie, non-surgical treatment...

Ksenia - the same as the tug. See. Oksana.

Lounger - lying patient.

Lazy eye - the eye that deviates from the visual axis of strabismus.

Skiers - elderly patients, based on the stick and slippers shuffling down the corridor.

Lyuska - patients with syphilis (from the Latin lues -. "Syphilis").

Magnolia - Magnesium sulfate - a drug used to lower blood pressure. Intramuscular administration of magnesium sulfate is very painful.

Mertsalka, Mertsuha - atrial fibrillation, atrial fibrillation.

Tinsel - film for single-channel electrocardiograph. Usually rolled up, accidentally released from the hands unfolds like a streamer.

Anesthesia by Kaltenbrunner - insufficient anesthesia. See. Operation under krikainom.

Narushnyak - acute ischemic stroke.

Neablyabelny patient - a patient with arrhythmia, unrecoverable by radiofrequency ablation.

Nepruha - ileus.

UFO - lay motionless object; most of the patients who are in a coma.

Oksana - the same as the Tug and Ksenia.

Operation under Krikainom - the same as that of anesthesia Kaltenbrunner. From the word "cry" and "Novocaine".

Stop - the same as the clinic.

Acute shlangit- diagnosis, which put the simulator in military medicine. Wed. "Pretends to be a hose." When systematically simulate the designation "chronic gofrinozny hose." Wed. "Bellows". Release - not prevent the death of terminally ill patients in a terminal condition.

Skydivers - patients who have received injuries after falling from a height.

Pour the patient - to introduce too many fluids intravenously, usually via a drip.

PISBP - liver and spleen without pathology. Most often, such a record is done very fast or hurrying the doctor on duty in the hospital.

Permanent - clinic on a residence.

Submarine - revenge for the false call or simulation; combination of strong neuroleptic droperidol and diuretic furosemide. Theoretically should cause uncontrolled urination in a state of sleep drug. Submarine on the ground - the same drink with the addition of neostigmine, one of the effects of which - emptying the rectum.

Podklyuchichka - plastic venous catheter in the subclavian vein.

Poteryashka - patients with age-related changes of the psyche, forgetting the way home.

Soak grandmother - to achieve urinary excretion of the catheter following surgery or acute states accompanied by cessation of urination. It is a good prognostic sign. In intensive care units - a very anticipated event.

Jailbird - patients with recurrent (repeat) disease.

Pink pyhtelschik - patients with severe emphysema, usually with pink-gray complexion. Speech and any movement of the patient is accompanied by increasing shortness of breath.

Samodelkin - traumatologist. During operations in traumatology uses a large number of tools, similar to the locksmith: hammers, pliers, saws, chisels, etc...

Blue odutlovatik - Patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis. For such patients, characterized spilled diffuse cyanosis (bluish) and swelling of the face and neck.

Violinist - the same as the zebra.

Glass - 1. A piece of tissue taken during an endoscopy or surgery for histo-logical studies. 2. Smear. Shoot bob - to restore the functioning of the heart using electrical discharge of a defibrillator.

Planed fingers - typical scalped wounds dorsum of the fingers obtained due to careless handling with carpentry tools.

TV - X-rays.

Teletubbies - patient with severe jaundice and ascites (accumulation of fluid in the abdomen).

General Discussion - atrial flutter.

Pipe - a plastic pipe to be inserted into the trachea (intubation), is used to connect a ventilator (mechanical ventilation). Plant pipe - intubated patient.

Platypus - a medical student passing nursing practice. it usually charge maintenance shut-ins, including the supply and removal of "ducks".

Ears - stethoscope.

Fachit - perform phacoemulsification (ultrasonic cataract removal).

Trunk - the same as the pipe. Insert the trunk - the same as that put on a pipe.

Color music - the same as Disco.

Chelyuskintsev jaw - Patients Department of Maxillofacial Surgery.

Turtle - a surgical face mask that covers the entire head and leaves open only the eyes.

ChPEKSnut - same as pull the esophagus.

Sharmanka - electrocardiograph (ECG unit for recording).

Sword-swallower - a patient with metallic foreign bodies of the gastrointestinal tract (paper clips, needles, etc.), Allegedly swallowed accidentally.

Yaremko - plastic venous catheter in the internal jugular vein.