10 prominent businessmen errors

10 prominent businessmen errors

C of this story begins the film "The Social Network", which tells about the creation of the main Internet project beginning of the XXI century - Facebook. Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg, angry at the whole world breaks into the University database, pumping out photos of all students and does Facemash - a website that offers all choose what kind of girl "hot."

The toy becomes a bomb, which was already in a few hours know all the inhabitants of the campus. Offended girls weep, feminists speak with the protests. Hooligan hacker forced to bring colleagues in university public apology.

In the film, say the prototypes of the main characters, not all true, but the story of the Facemash actually took place in my life. The site The Harvard Crimson save the text of the apology of Zuckerberg. "I'm sorry that I did not think twice, whether it is appropriate to present such a project at Harvard community," - says student Mark.

Apology apology, but hardly insulting women joke ever be forgotten. At least, now she remembers each time a young billionaire does something ambiguous - say, what to take with him.

10 prominent businessmen errors

At Apple founder of so many fans, and his figure is so charismatic that discuss it slips a bit awkward - and I want to pririsovat halo over his head.

Nevertheless, the iconic figure generation geeks managed to bloat cases. For example, Jobs many years have not spoken to his daughter, as later regretted. Another of his mistake, he admitted, - the involvement of Apple's John Sculley, who in 1985 forced Jobs to leave the company. Apple has been able to buy a promising service the AdMob mobile advertising, but the thoughts were delayed, and the company was removed from under the nose Google. In 2010, one of the owners of iPhone Jobs complained that when he holds the device in his left hand, he can not speak - can not hear anything. "Just try not to keep it so", - said Jobs. It turned out that the owner of the gadget - a lefty.

In general, what here a halo!

10 prominent businessmen errors

Connect with Hitler and the Nazis support ideas - that's what the creator of the automotive empire and the XX-th century businessman №1 public never forgive. He is accused of large-scale anti-Semitic propaganda of the ideas in the United States, mostly from the pages of the newspaper owned by his Dearborn Independent.

Ford supported the German National Socialist Party, during the Second World War, his plant in France to make cars and aircraft engines that were sold Wehrmacht army.

In the book, Neil Baldwin's "Henry Ford and the Jews: the conveyor of hatred", published in 2001, noted that the excerpts from the Dearborn Independent articles found in the book of Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf."

10 prominent businessmen errors

The Russian showman, businessman and writer always liked public. And not only because of its interesting destiny, entrepreneurial skills, success in business activity and imposing appearance, but also for talent tough, bright and sometimes non-normative speak on a variety of topics, provoking debate and even conflicts.

Not so long ago, however, Tinkoff crossed the line, starting to use social networks as a platform, and conflicting with all indiscriminately. Over the last three months the businessman managed to fall out with the designer Artemy Lebedev (too sharp tongue), writer and television presenter Sergei Minaev, accuse the creator of "VKontakte" Pavel Durov of all mortal sins. And all this with the mat, a ton of emoticons and other features of virtual conflicts that are the very users "VKontakte" under the age of 17 years, but not a serious business owners. Reading phrases like "Artyom Tatyanych stars yet, but the lion has a tooth stagger ..." (about Lebedev) or "Yes No I simply tried to trick the program to lure and there crap like pirates and porn kontenschika" (about Durov), anyone will start bad think not only of businessmen, but also for humanity as a whole.

10 prominent businessmen errors

Once the founder of Microsoft spoke to students and formulated become cult "11 errors, which are not told in the school curriculum." In the arch of wisdoms, in particular, it states that "life is not divided into semesters," that "you'll understand too severe to you teachers, when they themselves become the chief," and that "you need to get used to the injustice of life" - in short, a set of inspirational platitudes .

As for the Gates, then in 2008 he formulated his home and his corporation mistake. According to him, the Microsoft lost time not recognizing the need for development in the field of online advertising. Frankly, with the Internet in general, corporations until recently, it was bad. The company did not develop search (a couple of years ago to rehabilitate the opening Bing.com) - and Google to get ahead. The company believed that part of the Windows Internet Explorer Kit suits everyone - as long as competitive browsers do not otela the lion's share of the market. However, all have a chance to correct - even though the Gates and retired.

10 prominent businessmen errors

In 2004, a Russian businessman commits an act, after which his name had learned all British football fans and visitors pub - buys the legendary "Chelsea" football club. Coach of the club have appointed the young and talented coach Jose Mourinho. Over three years Mourinho "Chelsea" won the championship of England on football, Football League Cup, FA Cup.

In 2008, the coach and the owner of the club there is a disagreement - and Mourinho is sent home. True, he is not back home and coach at Milan "Inter" - and in the first season of his work team wins the national championship. One of the most talented (if not most) modern football coaches, a public figure, which are constantly told - the loss of such a man Abramovich was perhaps a mistake.

10 prominent businessmen errors

The creator of the largest in the world, Wal-Mart retail chain began his entrepreneurial path with errors that could ruin his entire business.

At the age of 27 years, he rented a shop (overpaying for it) began to build a corporate culture and through trial and error, which later formed the basis of Wal-Mart. Shop has successfully developed - after 5 years the number of sales increased by 4 times.

What was his fault? Within 5 years, he rented a store room, not thinking that it makes sense to bring in the contract item on the possibility of extending the term of the lease. When the contract expired, the owner of the premises took him at Walton, in spite of all entreaties - and, in fact, gave a successful business to his son. Other suitable premises for trade in the city was not. And there would be at a time of despair, but instead Walton packed up and went to look for his entrepreneurial happiness elsewhere. After touring several cities, he stopped at the Bentonville (Arkansas) - City, who started Wal-Mart story. And here will be a mistake to Wal-Mart hiring Russian top manager Lev Khasis, we do not know.

10 prominent businessmen errors

"In 1971, I made a major error in his life. I was 19, and I traded plates by mail. Then I learned that record going for export, are not taxed. I bought the record I needed at a discounted price, and then sold in Britain - because no one will not check what I do with them, I thought.

Of course, I was caught, and I had to pay for all, and to pay a bunch of fines. Such an event could well kill the entrepreneurial spirit in me, and well, it did not happen. But since then I have learned once and for all: under no circumstances should you drag to the business of immoral and illegal things. " - Branson says in his blog

For illegal trade in export commodities Branson was arrested. He had to pay a round sum of fines, and his mother - to sell the house to help her son with the money.

10 prominent businessmen errors

The favorite of several generations of American viewers, the goddess of talk shows, Oprah Winfrey as no one else understands human error and she will teach anyone wits. Nevertheless, and in her life have a history of which she recalls with a shudder.

According to Oprah, her most terrible mistake was indicative rapid weight loss for the show in 1989. The owner of an impressive form, the TV lost 30 kg in four months - starving and denying yourself everything. On one of the esters, she appeared in Calvin Klein jeans size 10 - and it was a triumph! Within two hours after the show Winfrey celebrated his victory speed eating anything and everything, and two days later in the jeans do not climbed. TV presenter became depressed and has since tried to lose weight is not.

10 prominent businessmen errors

Entrepreneur and investor Sergei Polonsky is known for his outrageous antics: he is going into space, it destroys all the faxes in the company, because "people do not use backward technology." But his most famous statement was made in October 2008: Polonsky promised that he would eat his tie if prices for luxury housing Mirax for six months did not increase by 25%.

Polonsky forecast did not come true. Only after 2, 5 years, in May 2011, the businessman had to fulfill his promise - he ate a piece of a tie in live Internet program's Minaev LIVE.