GeoFresher - Thai funeral or fun has no limits

GeoFresher - Thai funeral or fun has no limits

On the way to Koh Samui to Malaysia in the border town of Sadao finally decided to fit in a Buddhist monastery. Abbot took us as the most honored guests. We were given not just the cell and the whole house. In the monastery, he lived only a few monks.

While we showered, washed and sorted out things already beginning to get dark.

- Let's go for a walk! - Natalia suggested that only two weeks traveled to Thailand and still retained thirst intense activity.

- Yes, you can go explore the area - I agreed.

It was already quite dark when three "white monkey" went for a walk. After 300 meters before we heard the sound of music, and then the lights.

- There's some Tusa - cried the woman. - I wonder what that is? Let's go there!

Coming closer, we saw the scene where the white screen playing a live orchestra, and theater of shadows turned on the screen. Nearby stood under a canopy tables. People were quite a lot. This I have not seen, and yet have 6 months traveling in Thailand. This is clearly a holiday, all fun, laughing.

- Maybe it's a village disco? - suggested Natalia

- Yes, the game is fun, but the music itself is a little strange, - said Olga.

- So what normal music and dance can be - not appeased Natalia, and then feigned a few dance moves.

- Wait, can not be here to dance - I tried to calm down the girls - out of local everybody is looking at us.

We just could not go unnoticed, and two young men with happy faces and chairs in a hurry to meet us. - Hello! Sit down please!

We were handed a glass of Coke.

- You have a holiday here? Disco? - I tried to ask Natalia

- What?..

The level of English of our Thai friend left much to be desired.

- Feast of ... music ...

- Yes Yes...

- And dancing! Disco ?!

- Disco .. No, no disco!

- No? Why?

Thai shook his head, shrugged and spread his hands, which meant: "I'm sorry my English is very bad."

- Well, there is a disco so at least listen to music, - Natalia calmed down. - There must also give Keane-kau.

"Kin-kau" in Thai means eating (if translated literally, "eat rice"). On hearing the magic word, our Thai friend perked up:

- Want Kin-kau? - and pointed to the large pots against the wall, offered to take what you want.

Without thinking, we took up different meals and join in the fun feast.

- Well, that dinner one more time, I love Thai food - I said.

- Yes, it's great that we have come here, I wonder just what they still celebrate? - Natalia said.

- Can a Buddhist holiday today - I guess - it is a pity that they are in English almost do not speak, do not really rasprosy.

Here near our table again arose Thai, who invited us.

- Want a beer?

- Wow, they Tusa! - I was surprised. - No, thank you, we do not drink beer. Tea, coffee - OK.

- Oh, you're from Russia, then here ... vodka.

This turn, we did not expect:

- Yes, No, thank you, we are better tea ... Is it in the monastery you can drink?

- In general, it is impossible, but today you can, drink, today we have ... my family a great holiday - said Thai. he, seemingly, has repeatedly used the above-mentioned possibility and that, oddly enough, it has significantly improved his English.

- What does it have for the event it is that you can drink even in a Buddhist monastery, probably, something special, such as a wedding, - I said in Russian.

- Today is a very big celebration at my grandmother - again made contact our Thai friend. - My family has a great holiday!

- And what you are celebrating your grandmother? Her birthday?

- My grandmother died last night, and so we have a great holiday. My grandmother is there behind the screen. Come take a look!

With open-mouthed with astonishment we followed the grandson culprits celebrations. Wow coffin! Beautiful, I would by this he did not mind! ..

- This is my grandmother - said the grandson of the picture. - And this - my family ...

Sitting on the couch relatives greeted us cheerfully. Here you have a disco ...

- Can we take pictures on the background of the sepulcher? - I asked.

- Yes, of course, no problem - without hesitation agreed to Thai.

But we have just noticed that music with a strange tinge. Fun then pass away, not like us, once and can not tell where the hit - for a birthday or a funeral. In Malaysia, in principle, the same - the wedding that the funeral - a little different.

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