Ginger happiness

Ginger happiness

- Jerk! I hate you! - Anya rushed the apartment, collecting their few little things. - What a fool I am!

- And you told someone that you are smart? - Kirill answered the question. He spoke calmly, even more infuriated than Anna. - That's your problem, you know? How do I know that my child?

Anya froze in the middle of the room and slowly turned her face towards Cyril. We looked at him, unblinking eyes that hate him Ani:

- In the sense - not yours? And with whom I had the last couple of months time? We work in the same company, after work, we went to dinner, have fun ... and all together ...

- What do you want, Anh? - in the voice of laziness, in the eyes of longing - I'm tired of you swear.

- What do I want? What do I want? - Anya again began to wind up, eyes filled with tears - I'm not allowed to have an abortion ... and where I give birth ...

- Honey, it was necessary to protect themselves. Drink the women there any pills. So you would drink. In short ... You want to go - go, you want children - to give birth! But without me! I'm not going to become a father, and me so well ... and the calf at night, I always find myself ...

Anja furious slam of a door, steps fraction knocking her heels. "Let the rolls. Fool! You are the one to blame". Cyril went to the bar and poured into a heavy glass of brownish oil.

This was the fourth girl, who from it "flew". "And all the same story: you have to, it's your baby ... going to get married soon ... goats ... I think - right away and ran to the registrar! Aha! I took a run! Maximum - it will give money to abortion. "

He went to the balcony, lit. Spring was approaching a bright light green haze of trees, smell the freshness ...

"Soon the summer, it would be necessary to give up somewhere for a week or two, tan before the summer ... that's still to come up to the women did not fly? Condoms can not stand. "

He walked into the room, turned on the TV. There's something about showing maniacs pedophiles and touched on the subject of chemical castration. At the head of a sudden he began to form a plan. "And if you own something like that go? Stand-it will be, with the women there are no problems - the pressure will be to lose someone, and these cries about the pregnancy I get rid. " Cyril was 30, he was well-built, handsome "thoroughbred", in the words of his friend Lech, face, pumped muscles. Health he watched, a lot did not drink, smoke sometimes, but very little, visited the gym all the time, pool bath.

Once upon a time by some miracle, organized a company for the supply of rubber (which is even not particularly suffered the crisis), I had a decent-large apartment and convenient for the town well-known Japanese brand SUV.

One day one of his "former" told him: "Exemplary representative genotype."

"Dasha. It was a good woman ... funny. It is a pity, I leaned "lesbians. With her problems never was: children, she could not have, and Dasha was not always against the other women in bed. Yes, that's how it happened - and the men became unnecessary. Saw her recently in a cafe: short hair, slim body, leather "in oblipon" suit, not a hint of underwear, pin 12 centimeters ... Already in his groin ached, to what is good. But Daria was with his lady, and it was evident that they had "luboff".

The thought of sitting sterilization Kirill head firmly. Sitting at the computer, "exemplary genotype" typed into a search engine "castration", but realized that he had gone the wrong way and then began to look for an alternative. Found. "Sterilization".

Several clinics offer the procedure. He called for the first embodiment proposed. On the "other end" lady languid voice advised him to all his questions. It was so tempting: sex problems will not, can not have children, so the sperm to be "passive"... As soon as all this is, in principle, a penny. Cyril was about to go, but the young lady cool his ardor:

- And how old are you?

- 30, soon to be 31.

- How many children do you have?

- Not at all ...

- I'm sorry, but according to the law, you should have at least two children and you must be at least 35 years. Sorry, but to help you, we can not.

And I hung up. Kirill phoned another five-dozen clinics. The answer was always alone. Then he decided to go to clinics abroad. He flew Spring Cyril made in one foreign clinic operation. Everything went smoothly, quickly and well: desire for sex was the sex was wonderful, but the sperm was completely "lifeless".

Cyril worked a lot with pleasure, looked at the world as though through rose-colored glasses. Everything is going well, the office worked to be concluded, the girls in bed Cyril is constantly changing. Even the "former" Dashka he once watered and had fun with it from the heart ...

- Lech, went to dinner! Good work! - Cyril got up from the table, stretched, grunted ... - Well something like !!!

- Kiryukha, wait .. now ... Wait a minute ... Everything! Go! And I'm with these Thais die of hunger.

- What about them again? They are trying to raise prices, or what? - They went into the common corridor.

- Well, of course ... - Lech turned to run through the corridor Masha, just a week ago taken a brand new secretary - Mary I of coffee you so today and could not wait!

Alex with everyone in the organization said strict, formal voice, calling all "you" and your full name. Mary blinked, blushed and stammered:

- Oh, sorry, Alexei Romanovich. I forgot…

- attentively treat post. Yes, Mary, and when I come back, that I had on the table a report on the logistics. Remind them, please. And check it. I'll be there in two hours. While not true - do not go.

- Good. - Masha realized that it is easier for a forgotten coffee, turned 180 degrees and steadily retreated in the logistics department chief errand. "A recycling - paid", - she thought, wanting to break though the entire logistics department in rags, but produce a report.

- Oh, and nice ass ... - Cyril breathed.

- only think about who would bend ... - Lech growled. - Go. On my or your?

- Come on my own, you can drink a beer or viskarik.

- Yes with pleasure. Something I'm tired today. These Thais whole brain eaten. The restaurant they chose today was not crowded - a business lunch is over. They were engaged in just a couple of tables. Quietly appeared the waiter took the order and as quietly departed. The conversation revolved around two friends Lehinoy family.

Lech was long and well married to Xenia - woman short, plump, with true Russian kindly face, at the sight of her Kirill started involuntarily sniffing, trying to catch the scent of bread, milk, home. Recently they had a third child - Egor. Senior, Bear, this fall was in the first grade, average, Tatka, I went into the garden. Cyril did not understand why such a crowd of children and how Ksenia cope with all of them ...

Order brought, friends took up instruments, Cyril looked into the room and froze. At the window sat a girl reading a book and drinking coffee. The sun plays her bangs, shimmering red sparks.

- Kiryukha, can you hear me? Kiryukha! - Cyril woke up.

- What, sorry, I am thinking ...

- Of course ... I Thought you saw ... another victim?

Alex shook his head. On one of the couches along the window at a table sat a girl, cross-legged, reading a book, moccasins lay under the table. She was so fragile, so thin, though quite high. Long auburn hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She was wearing a light-brown pants and dark chocolate thin sweater. On the table was a large coffee mug.

- Yeah, pretty. But so young, it is even an adult?

- Lech, you can himself to the office you get there, huh? Just a doll, not a girl.

- Pavlovich, and you do not insolent? He brought me watered viskar and now left to their fate. Eat a good friend ... come and gone modify, there is something else you need to discuss.

But Cyril was already up from the table and went to the girl.

- Good afternoon, a girl ..

- For some, the good, and for someone - maybe the last ... - she smiled, and Cyril realized that nothing in this life, he does not want to, just like to look at it. High forehead, not plucked, and normal density eyebrows, green eyes, a thin little upturned nose, high cheekbones, beautifully defined lips. And not a drop of makeup.

- Hey, are you okay? Not pale, I was joking. Tomorrow I take anatomy - I sit here getting ready. - This girl was calm and Cyril had a feeling that they have known for several years, and maybe for life ...

- So you - the doctor?

She smiled again:

- No, I'm a nurse. I study in a medical ...

- University?

- No - again, snow-white, sweet, so kind, with some sadness, a smile - not in school. While in college ... Then, probably, I will study at the university ... And then become a doctor. Probably.

- Do not be sad. And can you treat anything? Well, dessert, cake ... or you, as well as all - on a diet?

- Thank you, I'm not on a diet, just do not want anything. My name is Sonia.

- Kiryu .. oh, Cyril.

- Well, that's met.

- Sonya, and it is possible to invite you to go somewhere in the evening?

- Not today. Tomorrow standings.

- I see. Tomorrow?

- Tomorrow is also unlikely. Then I leave a couple of days, but the next week - please. - She smiled.

- Leave me a phone number. - Kirill could not let this girl ... What's wrong with him.

- Let us know how to do that? I will leave here at the restaurant tomorrow or the day after the envelope for you ...

- Why are we on the "you". Can "you" move on? - Kirill interrupted.

- Good. For you an envelope. There is my phone number.

- And what are the spy game?

- Yes, the fact that I lost my phone the day before yesterday. Honestly - the number of bore me, calling all and sundry. So I thought that tomorrow I'll go to the salon, buy a mobile phone, a sim card, and leave you ... I mean you ... number.

- Agreed. Let me ... I'm sorry, let me pay for your coffee?

- What for? Sorry, Cyril, but I am able to pay for your order. - She brightened smile bluff tone. In the window knocked the company of girls of about the same age with Sonia - Until next week, Cyril, and now I must go. Sonia took out of his bag purse snatched the bill, put it under a cup and disappeared, leaving in the air a little perceptible smell sweetish perfume.

Kirill was sitting on the couch and watched as Sonia joined the company of girls, and went down the street past the windows, something animatedly talking with her friends. He took the bill out of the cup, which left Sonia and caught the scent of her perfume. Then he folded the bill, put it in a pocket shirt and a cup put another from her purse.

- Kiryukha, everything is cold already and I missed - brought him out of the trance voice Lehi. - You either go eat or go. I just called Maria - there us some bloke granted. He asks you to.

- Yes, I do not want, Lech. You paid?

- Sure. How not? What you want, you do not want ... - I muttered one.

- Then let's go. - Cyril stood up abruptly, walked swiftly, Lech hurried after him. Friends sat in the car and drove off.

When the waiter came to take away the cup, Sonia left, I was a little surprised: instead of the hundred-ruble banknotes found a hundred dollars.

All the rest of that evening and the next day Cyril thought of Sonia. And even when he called one of his passions - he refused to meet, referring to employment. The next evening, after work, Kirill arrived at the restaurant, where the day before he met Sonia. It turned out that no one no one left who is this girl - the staff did not know, I saw her for the first time. I ordered it last only a great cup of coffee with milk.

Cyril was about to go look for her medical school, the benefit that only two of them in the city. He could not understand what had happened to him. The thought that he did never see - was so excruciating that Cyril drove her away. But he decided to wait for another day. Maybe she really has not yet bought your phone.

Heck! Heck! Heck! Well, he should go to any communication salon, buy the damn phone, this unfortunate sim card! In the end I would give her, but not to give up on such a long few days ... Envelope from Sony was waiting for him on Friday. Cyril immediately dialed. "Sorry, I'm busy now, call you back" - he heard Sonya's voice on the phone. Answering machine. Already good.

Sonia called back an hour and a half later, apologized, that was occupied and accepted an invitation to sit in the evening in one of the nearby restaurants.

Kirill flew as on wings. Ceased to be dragged behind every skirt than the order puzzled office gossips. Dine left alone than upset Lech. Lech knew the reason, and therefore did not condemn each other, And saw each other to settle down, and was glad once joked that soon at the wedding walk. Kirill mischievously looked at each other, laughed and said: "Of course, as without you" than cast Lech shock.

Cyril and Sonia were so well together that even parted for the night, they were spared.

- Sonya, and Move me - Kirill suggested after a few months. - Tomorrow and moved.

They were lying in bed in the apartment of Cyril, was the evening ... Tomorrow comes autumn ...

- Kir, I do not know. I sometimes think that if you did not call me - I will die. But to live together ...

- Do not like it - I'll take you to the apartment separately. Move in, eh? I was good, I know how to cook, wash underwear, socks himself, know how to iron shirts myself, even vacuuming floors and ...

- Yes? I honestly thought that someone had to clean you ... And you, it turns out, he ...

- Of course, himself. The nurse brought me so. My father left when I was little. Mother worked day and night - I needed some clothes and even all sorts of clubs, clubs, tutors ... I spun around the house: clean, cook, wash, iron. My nurse taught throughout. She was chistyulya ...

- Was?

- Yes, she died two years ago.

- The horror ... I'm sorry if I hit a sore ...

- Yes, anything - he kissed Sonya in the nose - so I'm eligible bachelor: packed, beautiful, unpretentious, economical and without parents.

- And my mom in the north, comes three months of the year. She polar bears watching. I am here with my grandmother grew up. Grandmother became very old, I wrote to the apartment and went to his younger sister to the village to live. Here I am to them from time to time and travel. - Sonya, stay with me. I do not want to let you go. Just do not want.

He buried his face in her hair, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Autumn flew as one day. On New Year Kirill and Alexei gathered all the staff at the corporate restaurant. All came satellites and companions, Alex was with his wife, Cyril appeared with Sonia. At some point, Cyril took the microphone, asked for a moment of attention and loudly announced:

- Friends, wait a minute. Next to me is a girl. This girl - the most wonderful creature on this earth. Her name, as many already know, Sonya. And I currently want to ask her - Sonia, you marry me?

With these words, Kirill took from his pocket a small box and handed it to Sonia. That was neither alive nor dead. On her eyes were tears, and she could not make anything, just nodded.


- Kirill, with me something happened. I've missed a period…

Sonia was lying nearby. A moment ago it was so warm, my dear, so ... and suddenly ... Cyril like an ax head. To drive this point, drive ... she could not ... could not ...

- That can not be, Sogn. Everything will be fine, will come your holidays. The same may be the weather, and the nerves. ... There's a little winter session not flunked ... perenervnichala ...

- What's wrong with you? You turned white as a wall ... Are you all right? Maybe some water?

- No, better viskarik mildew ...

He rose Sonia, passed to the bar, a glass splashed brown oily liquid, stretched favorite.

- Sit down, Sogn. And do not interrupt and listen ...

Sonia nervously sat next to ...

- My dear, my love ... you know ... I've made a huge mistake in my life. I can not have children. Once I did the surgery, I'm sterile. I could tell you that I had been ill with the mumps as a child, and therefore sterile. But I do not want to, I have no right to lie to you ...

She looked at him like a stranger ... Sonia took the glass from his hand and made him a huge gulp. She closed her eyes, barely swallowed. He got up, dressed trousers, a sweater ... - Cyril ... I need to think ... So it's just a glitch ... And the children I have never be ... After all, I can not change you, and artificial in vitro children I do not want. - she almost burst into tears, fell to the cry ...

- Sonya, wait a minute, do not go, stay here, do not do stupid things ... - he sprinted after her, trying to hug, kiss ... Sonia pulled:

- Stupidity? and I did not do them ..

- Sonya, well, come on ... - Sonja wore shoes in the hallway and a jacket ... - Sonya, my dear, I do not have to ... chill ... Sonya!

Sonia looked at Cyril's eyes. How much there was no pain! Sonya spun around, opened the door and ran out ... Behind she heard an inhuman, some bestial howl that, bouncing off the walls, jumping over the step, put in "Sonya". She ran to the night blizzard street, hailed a cab and went to his apartment ... She just needed to be alone to digest everything ... She'll be back, probably ... Probably ...


Somewhere something is calling. It seems that this is a phone. Kirill barely parted eyelids. He slept on the couch. On the table was filled phone. His head ached unbearably. In the mouth, it was disgusting. "Yes, I rarely do not get drunk." He picked up the phone, press the button response and croaked:

- Yes.

- Kiryukha, where are you?

- I got sick, Lech, without me ..

- You're out of your mind? What the fuck is sick? Here we know what's going on ?! Feet in hands and waiting for you in an hour!

- No, Lech, I would not come. Let all burns with a blue flame. The company today - is completely yours. Take it and rule. I need nothing. And I no longer show up there. OK Bye..

- Kirill, what happened? You buhoy, or what? - his friend's voice changed and acquired a caring tone. - Can you cage to send? After all, he did not get there.

- I'm not going anywhere, I do not go !!! - shouted into the phone Cyril and clicked "lights out." Alex called back immediately.

- I'll be there in three hours. I got it? Go not forth. Lie down and sleep. I got it? A better - I'll send to you Elijah. Maybe you what to bring? - I could hear Lech is calling Elijah, head of security, and gives him instructions. - Thanks, but Elijah is not necessary. And you come ... I do not talk to anyone, and so want ... And viskarya fetch ... A lot ... I want to drink ... And viskar over, and I come into the store ...

Lech arrived as promised, brought whiskey and some food ... He said that the firm's okay, the whole situation he razrulil. Cyril listened with half an ear, replied that his words did not refuse, the entire company is now owned by Lehi, and he "goes from business." They sat, drank, talked and Cyril left alone - Lech family man, his home is necessary.

Kirill drank. With the departure of Sonny he did not need to become. Sonia did not respond to phone home it was not. Where to find it - Kirill did not know where it could go? Cyril did not appear in the company a week, getting drunk at home before the condition is not yet asleep - he fell into the abyss. Waking moments were mortally painful.

He poured a regular bottle and sank again ... The apartment was a persistent smell of alcohol, lay everywhere bottle was broken glass in the door to the kitchen, dishes mountain kopilas in the sink, garbage bag can not stand perenapolnilsya began to stink ... Cyril stopped for a monitor . He drank.

Lech first persuaded and then threatened the other, tried to explain to him that life is not over, all is not lost. He himself, in secret from each other, found Sonia - she lived in one of the girlfriends.

I tried to persuade her to return to Kiryukha. Uselessly. Sonia did not seem silly girl, she told one: "I want a family. And what a family without children ... "Too climbed ambition. Alex spun between two fires. He did not understand why two people do not want to be together. It does not want to.

Once the evening he told Ksenia, his wife, the story of Kirill. And together they decided: man from binge output necessary. Tomorrow Lech cause the doctor with a dropper, Xenia retracts into the apartment, and Lech, meanwhile, will force Sonia and bring to Cyril. The next day, Xenia husband brought to the house of Cyril. She took the bags with rags, brushes ... - Lesch, come together, something I restless.

Alexei was a set of keys from the apartment Cyril ... Opening the door, he heard a rumble in the apartment. Lech missed his wife forward. And suddenly Xenia screamed so that Lehi heart sank: Cyril hung in the middle of the room, has attached to the loop on the hook chandelier, which was lying on the floor, lying next to a stool and a kitchen.

Lech called an ambulance, police. She ran to a neighbor - an old woman of God dandelion ...

Cyril was taken out of the loop, he was alive. Police inspector went into the room, did not see the crime and left, saying he would call when the "client" will come to life. Doctor "emergency", a middle-aged woman with a tired face east, looked Cyril, something has stuck, he stated that nothing terrible has happened, that carry the meaning of the hospital there, but by drinking prokapat worth.

Alex assured her that a doctor with a dropper is on the way, and thanked the doctor crisp bills. The doctor arrived with a dropper, all connected. Xenia began to set in the apartment, Alex talked to your doctor about the possibility of recovery after sterilization ..

- Dear you are my! How could he do this? In Russia it is forbidden. To do this, we need certain conditions ... - Dr. sipping tea with biscuits. Alex knew this doctor for a long time, it was sure.

- Anton Ivanovich, you know, he did abroad ...

- Even more so - it is not clear what he did there, how did ... Where ever done that?

- Yes, I do not know ... He and I did not say never ...

- Yes, the story - handed the doctor - that's how it is ... Did stupidity ... Well, never mind, I will consult and call you. You, Alexis, do not worry ... think of something ... The medical world is small ...

Suddenly, their conversation interrupted by the doorbell. Alex opened the door. On the threshold, pale and nervously biting his lips, stood Sonya. She did not understand why she has not opened Kirill

- Where is Cyril?

- Come in, hi ...

- What about him? - from his eyes welled tears, his voice broke. She saw Xenia with cloths in their hands, the doctor on a chair ... staggered, her eyes widened, and she fell ... ...

- sniff sniff ... ammonia your senses will ... Anything with your favorite terrible has happened ... - she heard the doctor's voice, felt a sharp smell and waved smelly fleece ... - No, you sniff, come a ... Normally all, stand you?

- Can. - Sonia with the help of a doctor, and Alexei rose. - Where is Cyril? I need to talk to him. And I am thirsty.

- Let's go, girl in the kitchen, popem tea and talk.

- This is what I want to say, Lesh: I agree to live without children, with children from a test tube, to foster ... I myself Kiryukha need, I can not live without him ...

- That's it without you just could not ..

- In terms of?

- We did two hours ago was taken out of the loop ... good, do not lose ... smelling salts to her doctor ... Sonia, all is well, he is still alive ...

- I did three hours ago here was driving ... What a fool I am !!! All this could not happen ... - she sobbed ...

- Ksenia, if you now do not go away - I do not answer for myself! - heard a hoarse voice Cyril out of the room, - Go away, please!

- Kirill, can not you wake up, the doctor will scold. - Xenia said Kirill as a child ...

Sonia jumped up, ran into the room. She could not speak. Tears streams down her cheeks, throat struggled howling ... howling woman's ...

- My friends, I want to please you, - Anton Ivanovich took Cyril and Sonia in his office. - Kirill Pavlovich situation is difficult, but not hopeless. I contacted the clinic, where he underwent surgery. The clinic was in good standing, that is happy. A doctor working there a good friend of my old friend. So he counseled me: you, Kirill Pavlovich, to restore your reproductive function only, only! You need to spend on drugs. You see? Just drink a pill!

And you, instead of to solve your problem, and you have purchased something on his own stupidity, climb into a loop, forcing worry about your friends, beloved and all whom you way! Extreme irresponsibility and irrationality naplevatelstvo! My dear, I'm an old man and an experienced doctor! And believe me, if all who are faced with some problems crept into the loop - we would not be talking right now. Now you, young lady. Sofia Alexandrovna, uymite his youthful ambitions. Man love not for something, but because and in spite of ... Because it is, and despite the fact that he has a few problems and no extra brain ... Love one another, appreciate this feeling, take care of it. And now, my dear Cyril Pavlovich, I will ask you to undergo some tests. And you, Sophia, follow your gynecologist and have a talk with her about her, about women.


- My friends, I am happy that in this joyful day you all for taking the time to come and congratulate me. I'm very, very glad to have met their happiness in life. And that happiness has a name. Her name is Sonya. And it finally became my wife. Sonya, how I love you!

- Kiss!


- Hello, Kirill, I'm not interrupting? I have a diploma perfectly well! Imagine perfectly well !!! Now I can count on the second or even the third year of the Institute!


- Kirill, tablets and you all drunk?

- Of course, for a long time already. Listen, and you happen to contraceptives do not drink?

- Well, actually, I have something to talk about and wanted to ...

- Sonya, that's what I'm thinking?

- Do you think the same thing about what I'm thinking?

- Can not be! We will have a little?

- And where did you get that is your little one?

- Do not joke so! It's my little! I feel!


- Sonya, what he is small! So cute! The spitting image of you!

- No, Kiryukha, your same person ... And your nose and mouth ...

- But your eyes ... and ears, and ginger in it for you ...


- Sonya, and let's give birth to another child?

- Why are you so fond of children?

- Yes, you know, in Lehi fourth will soon be born. And I also want to ... But now the girl ... Well?

- So, wait. After seven months receive. Just do not know the boy or girl ...


- Well, Dad, meet. Who wanted - a boy or a girl?

- The girl.

- Then hold the girl and boy, I'll hold myself.