Pandora's Box

• Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box

Rasul, healthy Dagestani coarse animal face, even though he was six months younger appeal to us, but the authority of the barracks was undeniable, and over the years he's older than many leyteh. Twenty-six years - a considerable age for a soldier. To the delight of grandparents and Mount salabonam, Rasul was the doyen of our company.

Have probably a month, the foreman walked reminding me that I forgot to take my friend - sekretchika fresh password. All three words, but what is important keywords ...

In the barracks at the entrance stood a cabinet with a Pandora's box - old black phone without having to drive. In ordinary life, from it did not have to wait for anything good, except for educational alarms, snap front review and other similar protivogaznyh entertainment, but if you know the three magic words ...

Pick up the phone, the unknown soldier sitting there, talking to him the first word, "guitar", after a few seconds you hear a voice: "The guitar is listening."

- Guitar, give me the torch.

- Torch listening.

- Torch, give me the rock.

- Rock listens.

- Scala, give me access to the city on the number 4-6-7-4-9-5

And then out of the terrible black phone, does not bode well, you are thousands of kilometers away can hear the voice of a loved one. One bad passwords districts regions and cities changed every month, and of course if they catch you on the phone at the hot - just "lip".

Rasul was a very married ( "very" - because they wildly loved his wife). When he showed her pictures, the first reaction of all was: "Those guys own Is that your wife ?! Che-she is too beautiful ..." Rasul smiled and hid his wife Lena back to the military card. That sergeant began to remind me about the three magic words a month before her birthday ...

Finally, the day has come. I came back from with the freshest sekretchika "rocks and torches", which was masked by spies Pyatigorsk, was presented with a leather belt and went to look at the phone attraction.

In Rasul excitement trembling hands, he could not make out my scribbles. It makes us all very amused. Finally, the three magic words drove him to Pyatigorsk and ...

The trouble is that the military relationship - a relationship the military, and there is no concept of "busy" for her, just the odd man wedged in a foreign civil conversation and say "loud and clear without distortion ..." - what you need.

Here Rasul and I wedged.

Without a word, he showed us his index finger "t-c-c-c" and permanently frozen.

We were silent, watching in horror as the changing face of our elders. It reflected this pantomime that without words all became clear - my wife came with someone a long and painfully pleasant conversation ...

The poor husband opened his mouth, then bite the hand that clutched his throat and on his clean-shaven cheeks cheerful streams ran large transparent tears. Rasul did not want to interrupt their conversation to precisely find out how deep the hell is he ...

As luck would have walked past the barracks commander of the brigade, he afar saw orderly, put up on the porch to raise nix as well as Colonel fourteen titles smarter orderly, then easily quietly crept back through the bushes, not allowing the soldier and sneeze. The appearance of the brigade commander of the barracks was a complete surprise, but the foreman is surprisingly not even twitch, and continued to stand in silence with a pipe, it is hard to breathe and cry.

The Colonel was a very honorable man, he was not saying a word, walked over to the nightstand and pencil on scraps of paper wrote, "Three days in jail!"

Rasul took his free hand pen and finished writing: "There is. Thank."

Brigade Commander Sergeant softly patted on the shoulder, waved his hand and trying not to stomp came out of the barracks.

I felt terribly disgusting. I pulled the damn pop out with this password ...

But suddenly the face Foreman broke into a smile and he was wiping tears yelled into the phone voice breaking: "Angela S., hello! How's your voice like Lenka! Do not worry - it's me. Rasul. Sorry, well, nothing, congratulate her from me when he comes back, and say that I love her very much. Yes, I have everything perfectly, so I sit down on my lip ... "