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Lagerfeld - a living legend. Designer, photographer, architect, perfumer, publisher and incredibly educated man.

Quotes by Karl Lagerfeld

Usually, I wake up around six-thirty, and, somewhere, to nine read while lying in his golden bed. Then I again want to sleep, but I can not because I have to work. In any case, this morning I like more than others, especially if I am out of town. When I was little, nurse once told me - "People who do not wake up early in the morning, will never be successful."

In the fashion concept of "success" does not mean anything, because every 6 months, all have to start again. Either you have to turn into a "classic", but who wants to be them?

Thank God, there are no people who remember my little boy. Yes, I'd forgotten about it.

I almost do not travel for pleasure, just for the sake of business. The only place where I am going with great joy, this is Italy. Over the past twenty years, I was 154 times in Rome and in Milan 123 times (this is a quote from another Lagerfeld in 1979).

I keep a diary the last twenty years. It is very exciting to read what happened to you many years ago, we forget many details! Some things that seemed insignificant, acquire greater importance after years. I love the physical act of writing by hand, I love letters to more phones, they scare me. Thank God I have a sixth sense and can only assume someone if I answer the bell rings and costs. The saddest thing in phones, is that all the details are forgotten dialogue. I love to receive letters and always keep them.

Any man, "40", talking about sex, looks vulgar.

I have spent all my life with women and pretty good idea what they have going on in my head.

I have lost not for any good reason ... I did not have problems with personal life or health. It was a joke. Call. And only thanks to the self-irony, I was able to do it.

My only ambition in life - wearing jeans 28-gauge.

Chanel - is a whole institution. With the institution to be treated like a whore, and then you might get her something.

I do not wear Chanel, because in these clothes I look like my mother.

Lux is not juxtaposition of poverty. This juxtaposition of vulgarity.

Happiness - it's a matter of order and discipline.