South American menu

• The South American menu

South America as a new trend of gastronomic tourism.

South American menu

Tourism is an increasingly important source of income for many countries in South America. There are all inherent in other resort countries: radiant beaches, architectural and natural wonders, well-developed network of hotels. But that there is little known is the culinary potential of the country. In Peru alone, grow about a thousand varieties of potatoes, and the Amazon basin abounds exotic fruits.

Of course, no one from the food does not worship, but the food and wine is just on top. In our review we provide several gastronomic tours in the national cuisine.

Chocolate Tour

Ecuador is considered one of the best producers of cocoa in the world. As a rule, tourists being taken to one of the local chocolate factory, for example, Jeff Stern. It produces chocolate, consisting of Ecuadorian beans to 100%. In chocolate analogue domains Willy Wonka, Mr. Stern introduces exciting process of transformation of cocoa beans in chocolate masterpiece.

South American menu South American menu

The Chilean vineyards

Private wine tasting made to complement a special culinary set. Cooperate with many vineyards famous chefs. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Carlos Garcia has developed a special menu according to the present assortment of wines. The list of dishes updated with changes in position in the wine map.

South American menu South American menu South American menu South American menu

Argentine sophistication

Casa Coupage - the first in Buenos Aires, a private wine club, and a themed restaurant. The establishment offers to take part in a unique experiment touch: contemporary Argentinean cuisine is served in conjunction with world-class wines, and each dish is complemented by a specific wine to set off the taste of the drink. Two sommeliers serve no more than 20 people. The restaurant belongs to the closed-type institutions, works only on certain days, in advance reserve.

South American menu South American menu

The Peruvian style of

Cuisine of Peru is one of the most extraordinary cuisines. During his stay in the country, a culinary master class included in the program must have. Opportunity to learn how to cook local cuisine provided by many restaurants. The Señorio de Sulco English speaking chef will teach how to prepare classic dishes of the local menu: Cebiche, Causa and Lomo Saltado.

South American menu South American menu South American menu