GeoFresher - About dreadlocks

I will not be mistaken if we assume that many visitors Fresher met in his life unusual, very shaggy fellow, wearing dreadlocks.

GeoFresher - About dreadlocks

In English dread - a terrible, horrible, ie dreads = dreadlocks -.. "Horrible hair". Its name "horrible hair" were in the mid 50-ies of the last century in Jamaica. Civilized citizens of Jamaica who have seen the first Rastafarian, were shocked by the most hair. Hair matted into rigid mats, hanging on his head like icicles on the roof.

"Tsivil" immediately called dreadlocks "terrible curls". Local Jamaican Rastafarian immediately picked up the word and began to call themselves "dreadlocks". Firstly relevance to similar genus hairstyles were negative, but eventually dreadlocks become a major hairstyles in Jamaica.

In some countries, such as Ethiopia, wrap an dreadlocks considered tacit agreement between Rastas and god Jha, who, according to ancient legend, when the offensive end of the world is required to pull each Rastaman for dreadlocks the sky, thus saving them from certain death of all life on earth . In India, you can sometimes see a sadhu with dreadlocks, but for modern India is not a frequent occurrence, and now it's not as common as, say, a hundred years ago.

GeoFresher - About dreadlocks


Generally, dreadlocks in India came from the stray hermits, people who have already reached or towards enlightenment. Renounced worldly things hermit goes far into the mountains, where at one with nature is easier to know its own essence, the world around us and to answer the question himself: "What am I come into this world?" One of the principles of hermits - no cutting or combing hair is a kind of manifestation of the freedom of body and mind, get rid of the stereotypes of the modern world. For this reason, over the years, their hair rolled into mats Loka, which over time can reach several meters in length.

Also believe that dreadlocks are opening in man's ability to supersensible knowledge and clairvoyance. Besides Indians and Africans, like Loki wore ancient Aztecs, Celts, Germans, Pacific peoples, the Jewish Nazarenes, Islamic dervishes and others.

Among the famous owners of modern dreadlocks, perhaps all too familiar with the name of Bob Marley, the Jamaican reggae musician's style, which was especially popular in the mid 70s. Then its influence on the masses of the Jamaican people was so great that his sermon was considered sacred revelations from above.

GeoFresher - About dreadlocks

Bob Marley

Braid dreadlocks is really not that difficult. Dreadlocks do not usually need any curling or chemical treatment, and naturally "fall down" and take a natural shape. The most natural way by nature, but it takes time - it is not combed for several months. Hair grow, entangled themselves, forming mats. Those who by nature curly hair even easier. Hair themselves tangled in the mats Loka. For those who prefer a more modern methods of splicing dreadlocks, you may wish to consult the master of dreadlocks or a beauty salon.

Dreadlocks can be done from your own hair and the artificial. If the length does not allow (but must have a minimum hair length of 15-20 cm), it is possible to build artificial. Such optional dreadlocks worn for 3-4 months and then deleted.

GeoFresher - About dreadlocks

Asha Mandela - the owner of the longest dreadlocks in the world

In general, the history of dreadlocks out in the days of primitive tribes, when there was no comb, no scissors, no hair dryers or other "prichindalov" hair care. It is a mistake to believe that dreadlocks are to the culture of a particular people: African, Indian or Jamaican. In those days people just grow hair in a natural way, which eventually turned into a long mats. Therefore dreadlocks - is the natural state of loose hair.

GeoFresher - About dreadlocks

Lenny Kravitz

In our world, there is an a lot of legends about dreadlocks, for example, Rastafarians believe that long hair makes them strong and invincible. In one of the precepts of the Bible states that Samson's strength was struck in his hair, and having lost them, he was powerless. In addition, dreadlocks resemble a lion's mane, a lion in the Bible as a symbol of divine power. No wonder many of the prophecies called the Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie "Lion of the tribe of Judah", emphasizing the force with which he has to unite the African people.

In my own experience I would say that when there is a hot climate, dreadlocks help - vented head when it is cold, on the contrary, warm head. There is a misconception that if a man wears dreadlocks, he never washes his head. I want to disappoint all opponents dreadlocks and say that all this is speculation of people who have never worn dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are washed at least than normal hair, there is only one exception - dreadlocks desirable to wash with shampoo with additives and air conditioning, as then dreadlocks "raspushatsya" will not appear in neat, little hairs are sticking out in all directions.

GeoFresher - About dreadlocks

Captain Jack Sparrow - also an amateur dreadlocks

Caring for dreadlocks takes time. To dreadlocks keep the shape and look beautiful, use a special paint for dreadlocks (but the price of such a lacquer is very high), so that each finds its most appropriate way to keep form dreadlocks: rubbing soot into dreadlocks, lubrication protein of chicken eggs, honey, wax, and so forth. . The most natural way: a protein or honey. But let the reader not think that honey smeared dreadlocks on his head, bees will fly from all over the surrounding area. After processing the honey hair, the smell of honey in a short time to evaporate. Same thing with the egg protein, there is no smell, but dreadlocks look more natural and stylish.

Also there is an opinion that those who wear dreadlocks, mandatory use light drugs such as marijuana. This is another misconception. I know a lot of people wearing dreadlocks, and who lead a healthy lifestyle, do not smoke and do not drink hard liquor. Dreadlocks - is primarily a way of expression, a way to stand out from the crowd, the gray mass of society.

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