Supercar + bus = super-bus

• Supercar + bus = super-bus

Supercar + bus = super-bus

Luxury Superavtobus (Superbus), a real Batmobile Limousine on 23 seats, recently presented in Dubai.

Supercar + bus = super-bus

The unique black six-wheeled vehicle in the style of Batman accelerates to a top speed of 255 km / h, faster and more glamorous buses did not exist.

The length of the aerodynamic, futuristic and luxurious Superavtobusa - a record for this car is 13 meters, so it would be difficult to find a parking spot, but we think it will not stop the sheikhs of the Emirates, who will want to buy exactly this unique limousine.

It is worth noting that this sensational achievements of technology are two rear wheels can rotate independently, which reduces the car's turning radius.

The design team from the University of TU Delft, including former Dutch astronaut Wubbo Okels (Wubbo Ockels), mission specialist, on the Challenger mission, Superbus presented at the World Exhibition of the International Union of Public Transport (UITP) in Dubai.

Supercar + bus = super-bus

Superavtobus is equipped with an electric motor at the lithium-polymer battery. At low vehicle doors 12, similar to the wings of a seagull, which allow passengers to easily penetrate into the soft and comfortable lounge-long bus vehicle.

The concept of a luxurious Superbus is designed from aerospace composite material used in the construction of modern aircraft. The electric drive Superbus consumes much power at the speed of 250 km / h as at 100 km / h. Download video

Through the use of composite materials Superbus has a low weight and at the same time high stability on the road. Chassis Superbus - including the cab and the rear compartment where batteries are installed, made entirely of composite - carbon fiber, which is supplied by TenCate. TenCate is a major supplier of advanced composite materials and the consumables in the international aerospace industry.

Former Dutch astronaut Wubbo Okels proudly noted that the concept to be very powerful and can go wherever conventional drive buses. In addition, the height can be adjusted.

The project was initiated in 2004 and was about $ 19 million.

Chief design engineer Antonia Terzi, who worked on the team BMW-Williams F1 Team, said that the Superbus is also able to navigate safely, even at high speeds and aerodynamic exterior also makes the car more energy efficient.

The interior is as impressive: airbags are installed for each passenger, inside there is a TV and internet access.

If Superbus will take the state examination in the United Arab Emirates, then, according to developers, unusual and unique car is likely to go on sale in the UAE.