8 of the best promotions in 2011

The advertising market strengthens its position online advertising - six of the eight positions in the Forbes magazine's list took videos.

the Volkswagen

Advertising the new Passat model - the absolute leader Forbes vote. Experts hearts he won, primarily because of the main character. A child dressed in the character of "Star Wars", is trying to create miracles. All attempts to no avail, until he can not make a real car. "The natural video, which tells not about the benefits of the product and about the people consuming it," - says art director BBDO White Ivan Otchik.


the Chrysler

In advertising, the new expensive car focuses on its origin - the city of Detroit. As a result, video looks more patriotic advertising automotive capital than a specific company. At the last Cannes Film Festival the work received three Golden Lions.


This video - a hymn game genres in advertising. The only problem is that, fascinated by the game, the customer sometimes forgets what product this movie advertised. But for the manufacturer corrector Tipp-Ex is not a hindrance. For Europeans, the name became a household word, like Xerox. Good movie also its interactivity. The plot develops depending on what word viewer write in the special field. Profanity game "does not understand", if not "know" any permitted words, the computer gives an error. "Very clever use of resources UouTube", - says Ivan Otchik of BBDO White.


This is also a video-game, but this time real, not virtual. Using a conventional smartphone visitors can play the popular game Angry birds, but not on the screen or a phone, but in reality - with flying birds plush and crumbling structures. "T-Mobile has become famous superuspeshnymi flashmob. They have done a terrific job of recreating the complex mechanics of the game in the real world ", - said the head of the creative group BBDO Moscow Vadim Polyakov.

Author: Saatchi & Saatchi

The Ministry of Health

The only product in the list entirely of Russian origin can be called a landmark event. In recent years, the Russian authorities allow themselves more freedom in social advertising. In the video, custom-made the Health Ministry, suffering from alcoholism protein vividly demonstrates clearly the effects of excessive consumption of alcohol. "This is a hooligan advertising of all that I've seen over the last year", - says Director General of the agency R & I Group Junius Davydov.

TC Bank

Manufacturers of advertising have long understood that most deeply touch people the real story, and the sentimental, the better. Pulley TC Bank in something reminiscent of the plot of the film "Knockin 'on Heaven." Five octogenarians Taiwanese friends, ignoring serious illnesses, make a two-week motorcycle trip around the country in 1139 km. "It is important that these videos are born. Usually, a lot of advertising requires the viewer and gives him a little in return. Here everything is exactly the opposite. Bank confined slogan at the end, telling a beautiful story about a dream. I am sure that the customer is not lost, and got a resounding effect on the campaign. Here Russian advertisers have much to learn ", - says Vadim Polyakov of BBDO Moscow. Author: Ogilvy


8 of the best promotions in 2011

The gold medalist of "Cannes Lions" this year - Russian product development for the company Lego. Promotional posters demonstrate the conversion of wonders - from the same designer can assemble the Taj Mahal and the spacecraft, the carousel turn to the bathyscaphe, and the ship - in the beetle. "There were no letters of advertising text. But how much it thus promises. I, as a father of two sons, she says, your children develop and be smart, happy and totally absorbed in the process, as long as you quietly lying on the couch with a laptop, "- says Vadim Polyakov of BBDO.

Author: Leo Burnett Moscow

the IKEA

French unit IKEA has arranged for everyone original pajama party. Guests are invited to the concert hall "Olympia", where instead of chairs set the bed with cozy bedside lamps. Music played all night. "It is an unusual use of the furniture, carrying more than the spiritual, rather than commercial," - says Ivan Otchik of BBDO White.