Unusual beer for different people

• Unusual beers for different people

6 kinds of beer that could be =)



Unusual beer for different people

Finally, for real boys and girls there was beer, a perfect match with their tracksuit! Prosharitsya going with the boys in the district, take a walk with the dog or dispersed before klubeshnik? No problem dude, drink pivas - Adidas, whether real kids!

Orange juice with beer taste

Unusual beer for different people

- Senior patrol Sidorov, your documents, young man.

- Yes, here you are. And what did I do?

- So you're an open beer in a public place for a walk.

- But the citizen of the head, it's not the beer and orange juice.

- Yes, what is the juice, because beer stinks!

- So you see there is written "with the taste of beer," try a sip.

- Hmm, really with the taste of beer, even once, and do not say that just the juice. Well, take walks away before. Oh, that is only now that you can imagine.

Beer "Borscht"

Unusual beer for different people

Enough to drink every burzhuinskie swipes. This Russian man not only eat soup, but also to drink it! Be a man, drink "Borscht"!

Beer "Iuh"

Unusual beer for different people

The name of the brand has long been on everyone's lips, but now the conversation is over and the time has come! Down with calf tenderness, to hell with the manners and sentiments! Give directness and brutality. So meet - beer "yuh!" The product line includes a "strong" and "soft" drink, depending on your mood for the evening. Beer "Yuh" - beer with eggs! - Mikhailovich, great to have something done yesterday?

- Football on TV watching, sucking yes "Iuh". Five bottles usosal.

- Well, it's the right thing, muzhiiik!

- Honey, I'm thinking, if I do not treat you today "Yuhtsom"

- Oh, well, I do not even znaaayu. Only if warm, and I've got a sore throat.

- Waiter, can we two, "Juha"?

- you bottled or draft?

- And we are one yuh.

Beer Pedo Beer

Unusual beer for different people

He has already tried to do in the different corners of the Internet, but every time it was on fotozhaby level. But now everyone can have a drink "Pedo Beer"! Drink chilled!

"channels" Beer

Unusual beer for different people

If your life-and the duel is a duel with his own sobriety, then you have a hurry to the aid of beer "channels"! It does not matter which side you will fight - on the dark side or light side of the Cardinal King, with beer "channels" you will win. And do not forget the most important - pohmelyatsya, sir!