14 of the world's most interesting baths

Sauna for walruses, baths in Baden-Baden, the Budapest baths at hot springs, Rzhevskaya steam baths and other all over the world, which is to warm up.

14 of the world's most interesting baths

At different stages of its history, and in various places of the habitat of humanity has found about the same leisurely ways, but highly effective rejuvenation, healing and at the same time just relaxing. The main components of this recipe - steam and hot water. Seasonings - variety: birch and other brooms, massage, scrub, whipped lather and others, differing from region to region, additions.

For those who are after the pair each time feels like a new man, the Forbes magazine has made a list of the most remarkable baths planet.

Gellért Bath (Budapest, Hungary)

14 of the world's most interesting baths

Where: H-1118 Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4

On the territory of Budapest is 118 thermal springs. They soared by the ancient Romans, and in the XVI century, along with the Turks came here the first hammams. But the glory of the European capital city of the pair brought the magnificent bath complexes, built at the beginning of the XX century. And the most famous of them - Gellert Budapest masterpiece of Art Nouveau, which opened in 1918 at the foot of the hill of the same name on the banks of the Danube.

The doorman at the entrance, marble pillars and tall arches, stained-glass windows in the lobby, a mosaic in the baths and steam - are there all the signs of the grand style: no wonder about Gellert said that when bathing in his pool, that seems to take a bath in the Cathedral. The lower level steam bath with eucalyptus steam sauna with old clock and three baths - cold, warm and hot water. Here, for a fee, you can book massages, mud baths and other treatments.

Upstairs - the same "cathedral" pool with a retractable roof, the form of which is reminiscent of Roman Baths: encircles the perimeter of his bunk colonnade with a gallery upstairs. In 1930, during the reign of Admiral Horthy, the best is rolled in balls pool covered with a glass floor, and the orchestra was placed on the gallery. Now there is only potted palms and cafes where you can drink a cup of coffee with the balm "Unicum" or simply a glass of Tokaj. And you can go out into the yard, where there is another pool - with artificial waves, stone cascading terraces and decorated with majolica pavilion, worthy of the best palace parks in Europe. Fee: from 3600 (weekdays) to 3900 (weekend) HUF (€ 13-15)

Details: www.gellertbath.com

Rauhaniemi (Tampere, Finland)

14 of the world's most interesting baths

Where: Rauhaniementie 24

Tampere is Finland's oldest sauna - built in 1906 Rajaportin. But younger sauna Rauhaniemi (it appeared in 1929) enjoys far more popular - and not just local: This place is called the best in the Finnish sauna for walrus.

Rauhaniemi stands on the bank of a beautiful lake Näsijärvi, and the winter of saunas are heated walkway to its coast, ending in a large polynya, which descends a staircase with a handrail. In polynia (water temperature from two to four degrees) and fyrchat pokryakivayut bellied Finns and stout Fink, as well as rare and timid foreigners of different sizes. Then all together they are sent to warm gradually, and for this purpose saunas Rauhaniemi actually two (the biggest - it is also the hottest - accommodates 70 people).

Good steamed, krasnotelye people slowly returned to the ice-hole - and so three or four times. Before you get out of the sauna is good practice to ask "Heytyanko loulyuya?" - Do not podbavit, ie, a pair? And if all say "Haight Vahan" or simply "Küllo", then you need to splash some water on the hot stones. Incidentally, in the summer steam quality is not worse, on the beach, you can even sunbathe, and next to the stairs leading to the former wormwood, will be seen a two-meter diving board into the water.

Cost of visiting: € 4, 5

Details: www.rauhaniemi.net

Daikoku-Yu (Tokyo, Japan)

14 of the world's most interesting baths

Where: 32-6 Senju Kotobuki-cho, Adachi-ku

In traditional Japanese sento public baths instead of steam rooms - a bath with hot water, where sit, sweat and relax. And the king called Tokyo sento bath Daikoku-Yu, which operates since 1927. In the nineties it was subjected to an extensive renovation that has affected most of the internal structure of: bath outside still looks exactly the same as eighty years ago, and looks more like a Buddhist temple. Daikoku-Yu opened three days until midnight, and there prevail inside sterile cleanliness and turtle calm and unhurried. For dressing room with small compartments for clothes, weights and massage chairs - room with a view of Mount Fuji in the wall, with water taps and three baths, and massages. The hot water temperature is 42 degrees, but there is also a cold, 15-degree.

In the courtyard, under the roof, it is worth Roten-buro - so called bath outdoors. In it the same 42 degrees, and around - small garden with traditional stone lamp: contemplation, too, helps to relax and forget the bustling. Usually sento do not let people with tattoos, but Daikoku-Yu is quite possible to sit in the bath next to the yakuza, covered with ornaments from head to toe. In the bath they are, however, a very good-natured.

Cost of visiting: ¥ 430 (about $ 5, 4)

Sauna Deco (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

14 of the world's most interesting baths

Where: Herengracht 115, 1015 BE

Surprisingly, the main role in the fate of a small sauna in the center of Amsterdam played an old Parisian department store. When in 1970 the owners of the famous Le Bon Marche store decided to renovate the interior, designed in 1920 based on sketches by the acclaimed master of Art Deco architect Louis-Hippolyte Boileau, a huge number of decorative details simply dismantled. They are something, and have acquired Dutch agile, giving her a bath an appropriate name.

A wooden staircase with a balustrade of bronze casting, in which Parisians hurried shopping now leads to the second floor of the sauna in the recreation room, a glass elevator shaft separates the pool from the rest of the premises, and adorned with gold stained-glass windows in the lounge and a pool used to be lights on the roof of a department store. Now, this luxurious Parisian interior roam completely naked and rolled up towels in both sexes: like most Dutch baths, Sauna Deco - mixed, and bathing suits are not allowed here. Visiting two saunas with different temperatures and steam bath with eucalyptus steam, you can go to the pool with hydro massage, relax in the tiny garden in the courtyard, and then head to the lounge to consider photos of the very department: is pyramidal luminous object on the floor, which is crowned by a vase of flowers , used to be a chandelier on the trading floor. Another reason to visit Sauna Deco - the best masseurs in Amsterdam, to which must be recorded in advance. In addition, make wraps and facial treatments with seaweed, which are specially brought from Brittany at a local beauty salon.

Cost of visiting: € 21

Details: www.saunadeco.nl

Gedyk Pasha (Istanbul, Turkey)

14 of the world's most interesting baths

Where: Hamam Cad. No. 65 - 67 Gedikpaşa, Beyazit

Hammam Gedyk Pasha, who is close to the Beyazit Mosque and the Grand Bazaar, - one of the oldest in Istanbul: it was built even under Mehmed the Conqueror, was in 1475-m. Most guidebooks says that it only locals go, however, it may happen that the local will be just in the bath in the minority, but there will be many well-read guides tourists. Tourists, as a rule, and it does not go too satisfied and cheated in the expectations: bathhouse lazy and weak massage.

But in fact this is one of the best hammams in the city and greatly improve your impression of it help tip. In the lobby with a marble fountain peshtemali issue - whether the towels, or sheets, without which it is not to be taken in the hammam. In the center of the main hall, which is called hararet - large marble dais gebektashi, ie "belly stone." This stone is hot, and it bathhouse placed clients and do massage-peeling with a stiff gloves (it frees the skin from the layer of dead cells), and wrap the foam from head to toe and how to knead the body (in banschitsa women's section while still and sing long songs). In hararete, by the way, not too hot, because there is not accepted steam, but rather to languish, occasionally diving into the cool pool. However, in the hammam and have a small sauna. Fee: 50 Turkish lira, or about $ 30 (massage included)

Details: www.gedikpasahamami.com

Sanduny (Moscow, Russia)

14 of the world's most interesting baths

Where: Str. . Neglinnaya, 14, p 3-7Camye known Moscow founded baths, oddly enough, the actor: Power Nikolaevich Sandune served as a comedian at the Imperial Theater, but to his business project approached seriously. Selling, as legend has it, a diamond necklace, a gift from Catherine II on his marriage to his wife, he bought plots on the banks had not yet put away in a river tube Neglinka and in 1808 opened a stone bath. Subsequently Sanduny many times changed owners, and by the end of century, much decayed, so that the next owners - millionaire Firsanova Vera and her husband, Guards Lieutenant Alex Hanecki - decided to build in the same place new bath.

The complex of buildings constructed by the architect Freudenberg - a masterpiece of eclecticism: through the pompous neo-baroque archway of the main facade is visible "Moorish" arch in the yard, and in the interiors with marble columns, gilded moldings and you can find everything - from Gothic to Art Nouveau. Clientele reopened in 1896 in its diversity of Sandune not inferior interiors: the common people bathed for 5 and 10 cents, and serious merchants rested in a luxury office for half a ruble per person: a barber shop, a fireplace and private rooms for 5 and 10 rubles.

"Discharges" the system is preserved and nowadays: in modern Sanduny five offices - three male and two female, but the main beauty - "Gothic" hall with wooden carvings, "Turkish" with ceiling paintings and stucco, and a pool with an Ionic colonnade, where Eisenstein shot episode of "Battleship Potemkin", open only to the highest rank of the male visitors. However, the famous Sanduny pairs, about which Chaliapin said that he "frees" the voice, is still available for all - as well as services Banshchikov-bathers, working here dynasties. Fee: 1500-1800 rubles

Details: www.sanduny.ru

Kotiharyu (Helsinki, Finland)

14 of the world's most interesting baths

Where: Harjutorinkatu 1, 00500

Even half a century ago in Helsinki was about one hundred twenty of public saunas, but now there are only personal (Finns now prefer to arrange private baths in the basements of apartment buildings, or even in the apartments). A wood and all works only one - Kotiharyu located in a working class neighborhood of Kallio, who in Finnish leisurely gentrification process is now taking place.

Sauna This (family, by the way, the company, which belongs to the couple Risto and Merja Holopainen) was built in 1928, and in 1999 it thoroughly reconstructed - and with the help of fund Helsinki Culture Capital Foundation: in commemoration of the fact that the 2000 Helsinki It became the cultural capital of Europe.

Stones in there the sauna stove and a half tons, and to the sauna to warm up, it takes one cubic meter of wood, and five to six hours at a time. Put on steam or not, traditionally decide to those who sit at the top, the hottest shops. There are regulars here from the neighboring districts, students, intellectuals - and, of course, tourists. Visitors to cool inflamed wrapped towels, face directly onto the street - drinking beer and singing the chorus of the song in front of passers-by, which if you do not sing along, then listen carefully. And yet there are doing a great massage.

Cost of visiting: € 10 subscription for 10 visits - € 90; birch broom - € 5

Details: www.kotiharjunsauna.fi

Dragon Hill Spa (Seoul, Korea)

14 of the world's most interesting baths

Where: Yongsan Gu, Hangang-ro Dong 40-713

Korean couples can not stand vanity, and local baths - chimchzhilbany - come with their entire families, not only warm up, but also to eat, take a nap and chat. The Dragon Hill Spa Seoul tickets sold once 12 hours - it's a real bath Disneyland, seven floors of which except the guy and pools are located restaurants, cafes, fitness club, a cinema, and even a golf course. At the entrance visitors are given a form (shorts and t-shirts) that you will need when visiting the mixed zones, and special electronic bracelets, which contains information about all purchases made - from drinks to massages. In the separate male and female areas located wet steam rooms and a variety of bath: with sea water, with ginseng, with aromatic herbs, as well as mud, hot and cold baths. After the water treatment, should visit the famous Korean peeling: Using special gloves made of viscose with visitors scraped off a layer of dead skin cells, and the skin becomes soft as a baby. In the mixed zone there is a huge lounge, lined with tatami - if you want you can even stay the night (as many chimchzhilbany working around the clock and are a cheap alternative to hotels).

Next - a few rooms, decorated like a medieval palace halls: they like to be photographed by tourists. But the main feature of Dragon Hill Spa - original dry steam rooms, one heated with pine wood, the other is decorated with cypress, third - jade, the fourth floor is covered with heated salt crystals, there is also a steam room with yellow clay and ice room with this snowman.

Fee: 10 000-12 000 won (about € 8)

Details: www.dragonhillspa.co.kr

Orbeliani (Tbilisi, Georgia)

14 of the world's most interesting baths

Where: Abanotubani, ul. Joseph Grishashvili

His appearance and even its name is obliged to Tbilisi Sulfur Springs. According to legend, King Vakhtang Gorgasali shot a deer in the Kura valley, but he clung to the hot spring, healed and was gone - and Vakhtang commanded to establish on the spot the city, named Tbilisi (from the word "tbili" - "warm").

Later on, you'll see a whole area of ​​the sulfur baths - Abanotubani, still exist: they baths under the ground, on the surface is visible only to their large dome with turrets at the top. The most famous restaurant - Bath Orbeliani (on behalf of the former owner), she is blue or speckled, like the mosque - with lancet facade, two small minarets and decorated with blue-blue tiles. It is believed (and the legend is diligently maintained), which in its third issue during the journey to Erzerum visited Pushkin, and on the wall hangs a plaque bath with his quote: "he has never met, I do Tiflis luxurious baths." Over Alexander Sergeyevich then I worked noseless attendant Hassan: Breaking members stretched joints and beat him severely with his fist, and a poet at the same time felt no pain, and an amazing relief.

Now Beznosov mekise (so-called bath attendants) can not be found, but they are still doing a great massage on a marble couch, then as Pushkin, tinder kisoy - coarse woolen mitten, removing an unnecessary layer of dead skin, and then lather weightless foam - and wash it It has a completely different, a new man.

Fee: 5 GEL (approximately € 2)

Thermal Baths, the Friedrichsbad (Baden-Baden, Germany)

14 of the world's most interesting baths

Where: Römerplatz 1, D-76530

The majestic building in the spirit of the Renaissance palazzo was built in Baden-Baden in 1869-1877 by the architect Karl Dernfeldom - at the personal command of the Grand Duke of Baden, Frederick I, who wanted to revive the culture of the ancient Roman term that existed in this place 2000 years ago. Facade Friedrichsbad decorate Asklepius statues and Hygieia and the internal device repeats partly plan Roman baths, with male and female wing of the pair and the baths and the round swimming pool in the central rotunda with marble colonnade.

There is a gallery with medicinal drinking water, but the main thing - it is, of course, own bath, which in full accordance with the ancient dress code bathing suits are prohibited. On Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, women and men are steamed separately and are found only in the thermal pool in the remaining days of the Friedrichsbad all the rooms are open to both sexes.

The local baths are often referred to as the Roman-Irish: exotic hybrid owes its appearance to light the Irish doctor Richard Barter, an active promoter of hydrotherapy, which complemented the Roman dry steam wet Turkish and insisted on a combination of doubles and baths of different temperatures in a single chain. Currently existing in the Friedrichsbad bath ritual based on his method, and consists of 17 stages. It begins with a dry pair (54 and 68 degrees), followed by soap massage, then wet steam rooms, which is not so hot, finally, thermal hot pools, each of which is a little colder previous. After water treatment, guests get to the restroom: the servants carefully wrapped them in sheets and blankets, laid on the bed and asked when to wake up. Falling asleep, many recall the words of Mark Twain, who visited Friedrichsbad, he said: "Ten minutes later, here you forget about the time, but twenty - about everything."

The cost of visiting: € 21 (for 3 hours), with soap massage - € 31 (3, 5 hours)

Details: www.roemisch-irisches-bad.de

Xiao Nan Guo Yuan Tan Khe (Shanghai, China)

14 of the world's most interesting baths

Where: F2, Xiao Nan Guo Restaurant, No.3337, Hongmei Road

Built in 2002, the five-story building next to the famous restaurant Shanghai Xiao Nan Guo language does not turn called bath - a hybrid of striking the imagination of the spa and entertainment complex with an area of ​​12,000 square meters: here a thousand people can simultaneously relax.

Guests are greeted by a lobby worthy of a five-star hotel: marble reception desk, luxurious chandeliers and music - it performs a mechanical piano, the keys of which move by themselves. Guests-women instead of bath sheets issued blue Hawaiian muumuu dresses, men - green pajamas with short shorts and children, respectively, a mini-version of either: go here with their entire families.

Work here helpful people from Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand, which makes dozens of massages, rejuvenating body scrubs (stiff gloves treat each square centimeter of skin - except, of course, the most delicate places) and all sorts of face masks, as well as about fifty other spa procedures. Of the actual bathing options there is, for example, a variety of baths (including milk and Japanese ofuro), steam sauna and low temperature (in the women's section - with a large TV with local twist soap operas), as well as swimming pools. And after the procedures - or even in between them - you can play mahjong or ping-pong, sing karaoke or a meal: there are several cafes with good dim sum samami, noodles - and more sophisticated offers.

Fee: 58 yuan, massages - from 48 yuan (about $ 7, 5-9)

Details: www.xnggroup.com

Liquidrom (Berlin, Germany)

14 of the world's most interesting baths

Where: Möckernstrasse 10, 10963

Opened in 2005 in the German capital "Likvidrom" - a real bath of the XXI century, and perhaps the only place on earth where, soaking in the pool after the sauna, you can listen to a DJ set. The minimalist interior is dominated by natural gray-green stone and concrete; The only exceptions are finished with wood guy who is four: wet, Finnish sauna, salt grotto and a panoramic sauna with a glazed wall, finished dead Karelian pine.

Once an hour in the Finnish sauna for free make one of the signature treatments: light salt, honey or aromatherapy massage. For lovers of serious massage - such as Balinese or Thai herbal bags with hot stones - near a spa. After the sauna and procedures, guests are sent to the outdoor terrace, decorated with wood, to take a nap in the lounge chairs or soak in a warm bath a little too Japanese style wood-paneled.

But the main attraction "Likvidroma" is inside a concrete dome - a large round pool with sea water. There is always dim, colored lights and music, and speakers installed under the water, so that when you dive, it seems as if put on the headphones, which plays loud music. In the evenings, live DJs, and on Fridays at the perimeter of the pool light candles and arrange live concerts in a variety of genres - from string classical to jazz and electronics. The cost of a visit: 2 hours - € 19, 5; 4:00 - € 24, 5

Details: www.liquidrom-berlin.de

Rzhevskaya baths (Moscow, Russia)

14 of the world's most interesting baths

Where: Bath, etc., 3, p 1..

Rzhevskaya baths operate smoothly in the capital for more than 120 years - in 1888 they opened in Korzunovskom Lane (now Bath travel) of the second guild merchant Ivan Malyshev. Later from Malyshevsky they became Krestovsky, and the present name was assigned to the bath during the war - it washed troops sent to the front to be found nearby Rzhevsky (now Riga) station.

Morals are always affordable - the main contingent even before the revolution were people of humble, small merchants and students. Interiors, respectively, not outstanding, but recently there was a major overhaul, after which there a VIP room and a sauna.

But Rzhevskaya baths do not go for it - lovers and connoisseurs of authentic Russian baths come in Bath travel from all over the city for the traditional steam rooms - there is a real ritual. Couples prepare every half hour in the oven, pour the water heater gangs, sprayed walls of the sauna infusions of camomile and sage and then run into people.

According to the old Moscow traditions lie in the steam room on the floor (pairs such burning that includes many on all fours), bathers (there are several, each - their day and its audience, which in this day and comes) becomes the center asks silence and begins to minister as priests, "scooping" top pair with a broom or a towel, he "effusions" to them one by one all the people lying on the floor. After this dip in cold vapor in soapy Hot compartment feel absolute happiness - in the strict sense of the word.

Fee: 800 rubles (at the weekend - 850 rubles)

Details: //rzhevskie-bani.ru

Funaoka Onsen (Kyoto, Japan)

14 of the world's most interesting baths

Where: 82-1 Murasakino Minamifunaoka-cho, Kita-ku Onsen in Japanese - a hot spring; the same word is used for baths, use warm mineral water. Funaoka - Bath historical: it opened in Kyoto in 1923, and the original interiors have been preserved perfectly until now. However, unlike Sandune or Istanbul hammam bathing area here, as in most traditional Japanese sento baths, modestly decorated, but the dressing room - it's a real museum. The walls are decorated with painted tiles and carved reliefs of Japanese cedar, representing battle scenes Taisho period (1912-1926), a wood-paneled ceiling decorated with colored high relief with the image of the Tengu: this mythological monster with wings and a huge nose, not only scares travelers in the mountains thunderous laughter but also loves to clean.

Wooden bridge hence can proceed in bannuyu zone, where the usual air valves, basins and showers and several ofuro - baths with hot water (45-50 degrees), where it is assumed soak, pre having washed thoroughly. In Funaoka addition ofuro with mineral water and medicinal Chinese herbs, there is also "electric bath" denkiburo: between two metal plates, electrodes mounted in its wall, passes a weak electric current - Japanese believe that such a procedure strengthens muscles and stimulates blood circulation. Nearby there is also a sauna with a TV, and in it - a cold bath with a tap in the form of a lion's mouth. But the meditative ofuro is located in the courtyard: here you can take a hot bath overlooking the carp pond and rock garden.

Cost of visiting: ¥ 410 (about $ 5, 2)

Details: www.funaokaonsen.com