What should I do to change everything

What should I do to change everything

I often see people whose lives are permeated with suffering and full of pessimism. They complain about their fate, family, work, society and the state. They do not see light at the end of the tunnel and feel that their plight is to blame someone else. Even I, a person who is different is not the most cheerful disposition, next to them seem a model of energetic joker. So sometimes when they ask me what to do to change all that, I think for a while and give them a few tips.

Without claiming to be the great achievements in the field of personal growth, I've collected all these things that have ever heard or used the advised. All of them are tested on their own experience, and I will be glad if someone it will be useful.

1. Understand that you really like

This is the most important, and most difficult. This will still be a separate lot of talk, but the golden rule is - do something that gives you a real pleasure, and then you'll be much happier. With the development of the internet everything has become even easier - the results of your effort is very easy to convey to the public, and she will appreciate them. Moreover, the presence of things that you really lights - a key factor in the attractiveness to the opposite sex. But we must be prepared for the fact that the search of the way - it's a marathon, which may last for many (dozens?) Years.

2. Give up the junk that you eat, drink and smoke every day

There are no secrets and tricky diets - a natural food, fruits, vegetables, water. It is not necessary to become a vegetarian, and fully fasten with a drink - just enough to limit the sugar, flour, coffee, alcohol, and all plastic food.

3. Learn a Foreign Language

It is impossible to expand the depth perception of the world and open up unprecedented opportunities for training, development and career growth. Russian-speaking Internet users 60 million. English - billion. The Center is now in progress on the other side of the border, including the language. English - it is not just a whim of intellectuals, but a vital necessity.

4. Read books

The approximate circle - your professional field, history, science, personal development, sociology, psychology, biography, high-quality literature. No time to read because the ride while driving - listen to audiobooks. The golden rule - read / listen to at least one book a week. It is 50 books a year that will transform your life.

5. Spend sensibly every weekend its

Go to the museum, the exhibition, enjoy a workout to, do the city, jump with a parachute, to visit relatives, go for a good movie. Expand a contact area with the world. When all the detours and evaded, take along friends and tell them what you know. The main thing - do not sit on the ground. The more impressions you have to pass through itself, the more interesting is the life, and the better you will understand things and phenomena.

6. Start a blog or a regular blog

Still nothing. It does not matter that you do not possess the eloquence, and you will have no more than 10 readers. The main thing is that you will be able to think and reason on its pages. And if you're just a regular write about what you love, readers will surely come.

7. Set Goals

Fix them on paper in Word or blog. The main thing is that they are clear, understandable and measurable (this, too, as some talk separately). If you set a goal, you can achieve it, or, or not. If you do not deliver, achieve no options at all.

8. Learn to type on the keyboard blind

Not be able to this in the 21st century would be like not to be able to write with a pen in the 20th. Time - this is one of the few treasures that you have, and you should be able to print almost as quickly as they think. And you should not think about where is the letter you want, and what you write.

9. Ride time

Learn how to manage their own affairs so that they work almost without your participation. To begin with, Honor Allen (Getting Things Done) or Gleb Archangel. To make decisions quickly, act immediately, do not delay "for later". All things ever done or delegated to someone. Try to keep the ball never stayed on your side. Write down on a piece of all the "long-playing" of the case, which has not yet been made, and prevent you from living. Rethink whether they need you (bearing in mind paragraph 1). Do what is left, for a few days, and you will feel an incredible lightness.

10. Give up computer games, aimless sitting in social networks and blunt surfing the Internet

Minimize communication in social networks (up to optimizing - leave only one account). Destroy a Television flat. Not attracted to constantly check e-mail, install an agent that will notify you about incoming messages (including mobile).

11. Stop reading news

All the same, the key events will be talking all around, and the additional noise information does not improve the quality of decision making.

12. Learn to get up early

The paradox is that in the early hours you always have time more than in the evening. If the summer at the weekend you vyedesh from Moscow at 7 am, then to 10 you will already Yaroslavl. If vyedesh 10, you will be there at the best time for dinner. Same thing with shopping on the weekend. Man enough 7 hours of sleep, provided qualitative exercise and normal diet.

13. Try to surround yourself with honest, fair, open intelligent and successful people

We - that is our environment, which we learn everything that we know. Spend more time with people whom you respect and who can learn something (especially important to your bosses fall into the category of people). Accordingly, try to minimize contact with people negative, gloomy, pessimistic and angry. To become higher, you have to strive upward, and the presence of a number of people who want to grow in itself will be a great incentive.

14. Use every moment and every person to learn something new

If life makes you a professional in any field, try to understand what is the essence of his work, what his motivation and goals. Learn to ask the right questions - even the taxi driver can be an invaluable source of information.

15. Start traveling

Never mind that there is no money to Argentina and New Zealand - the quality of leisure in general nothing to do with the money spent, and the best of my trip were in regions that do not differ pathos and expensive. When you see how diverse the world, you will cease to dwell on the small space around you, and you will become more tolerant, calmer and wiser.

16. Buy a camera

It can be the easiest and try to catch the beauty of the world. When you succeed, you will remember your trip not only vague impressions, but also the beautiful pictures that you brought with you. As an alternative - try to draw, sing, dance, sculpt, design. That is, do what makes you see the world through different eyes.

17. Work out

Not necessarily go to a fitness club, where hang pitching pikaper Balzac ladies and freaks. Yoga, climbing, cycling, horizontal bar, parallel bars, football, running, plyometrics, swimming, functional training - the best friends of the man who wants to return to the tone of the body and get a surge of endorphins. And forget about the fact that such a lift - if you need to walk at least 10 floors, use your legs. In just 3 months of methodical work on oneself can change the body almost beyond recognition.

18. Do extraordinary things

Go to where never was, trips to work the other way, understand the problem, which does not know anything. Get out of your "comfort zone", to expand the knowledge and horizons. Rearrange the furniture at home (and do it about once a year), change the appearance, hairstyle, image.

19. Invest

Ideally, every month should invest part of their income, as a rich man - this is not the one who earns a lot, but the one who invests a lot. Try to invest in the assets, liabilities and minimize control costs. If you set yourself a financial goal and navedesh order of personal money, I was surprised at how easily you move to achieve it.

20. Get rid of junk

Throw all the stuff that did not wear or use within the last year (next year too, until they will not reach). Leave only what you really like and need. It's a pity to throw - to distribute. When buying new things dispose of old similar to a balance was maintained. Fewer things - less dust and a headache.

21. Give more than you take

We share the knowledge, experience and ideas. A man who not only take, but also divided, incredibly attractive. Surely you know how something like that, what others are very eager to learn. For me at the time was the discovery of coaching - I'm on a voluntary and free of charge began reading workshops and lectures that eventually grew into a very large story that brings me great satisfaction.

22. Take the world as it is

Give up the value judgments, to take all phenomenon as inherently neutral. And even better - as unambiguously positive.

23. Forget about what happened in the past

It has nothing to do with your future. Take with you there is only the experience, knowledge, good relations and a positive experience.

24. Do not be afraid to

No insurmountable obstacles, and all the doubts live only in your head. Not necessarily to be a warrior, you just see the goal, avoiding obstacles and know that you will achieve it without the chance to experience failure.

25. Last, it's the first

Do what you like. Learn. Teach. Grow together. Change itself inside.

This is not an exhaustive list. But even if planned to do at least something out of this, in a year, looking at himself in the mirror, you do not recognize myself. And the world just is nothing left but to follow your example and change in response.