Dog Adventure

Amazing story.

Dog Adventure

The man strongly middle-aged, call it M, lives together with his wife, no children. Last year they got a dog - a boxer, brindle color, the ears are not cropped, the nature of good-natured sociable. M. lived with the dog in perfect harmony, and his wife and all were crazy about him, holila and cherished, as they say in such cases, as the child's mother.

One day M. went with the dog for a walk and went to the market. I tied the dog to the fences near the entrance and plunged into the grocery shopping. He scored two bags full of products came to market - both hands are busy - and triggered a reflex, that all with him, to go home. In general, totally forgot to untie the dog returned home alone. Wife panicked at once, began to swear, literally shoved him back for the dog. And at this time ...

At this time in the restaurant opposite the market walking company pilots. What were they doing in Troitsk, I do not know, but, in principle, "Vnukovo" from us within half an hour, why not look to a local restaurant. We walked thoroughly, marking the beginning of the holiday season, and directly from the banquet were supposed to fly across the company in Turkey for a vacation. And drunken pilots poured into the street, began to be loaded on the bus, and one of them noticed a dog tied to fences. There is still need to add: dusk, the sky clouds gather, it began to rain. And, apparently, lonely sitting under a blue moon this dog very touched pilot - Drinking again, strongly contributed to sentimentality. In general, he untied the boxer and under the cheers of comrades entered the bus.

We can assume that they missed each other with M. literally a couple of minutes. Bus, maybe even just pulling out of the market when M. already ran over the dog in horror rushed along the fences, trying to understand where he could have got to ... the evening, so even in bad weather about our market really not crowded, but some witness what happened M. still found. Someone saw that the dog was taken to the bus, someone said that the company came out of the restaurant on the other hand, let alone in the restaurant remembered that these were the pilots of "Vnukovo". M. found a friend with a car and rushed to the airport. Well, who tried to find strangers in an unfamiliar airport, pilots, of course, realize that it's not five minutes. And it is not even half an hour. Until someone even started to take seriously his confused story about a stolen dog walking near Troitsk pilots managed to fly to Turkey. Of course, the dog. Not disappear as beautiful dog without a beautiful holiday. At least once in life you can afford.

They rested there for about a week. And when they came back, it turned out that the dog without papers on board no one will. Back and then they dragged him drunken crowd for fun on charter and scheduled flight flew back like civilized people. And as civilized people have left the dog restricted to leave the hotel, telling the staff to feed possible.

It features a friendly boxer lived for two months. During this time, his masters had pasted announcements dog missing the entire city, zabombardirovali reports all the thematic forums, death quarreled with each other and began divorce. M. was thinking about a new dog, but his ex-wife had almost believed it even greater betrayal than to forget the last idiot, beloved dog in the market.

In Turkey, meanwhile, began the hottest season, the tourists took turns at the passengers during rush hour on the subway platform, one of them brought a dog with a breakfast of croissants and sweets. Dog was popular among Russians - he understood Russian and obviously preferred his own language the locals - but none of our compatriots have not wondered how this cute boxer could have been in a Turkish resort. After all, vacation lasts a couple of weeks of strength - who will spend precious days to clarify the fate of a single dog skinny? And then in this hotel again arrived company employees airport "Vnukovo". At this time, there were pilots and flight attendants, and representatives of all ground services - such a large group, decided to combine discussion of operational issues with a short rest on the sea. And one of the men suddenly found itself in the animal that the dog, which his colleague had taken of Troitsk in the memory of the merry banquet. One young stewardess story deeply impressed. She expressed turretless pilots all he thinks about such an attitude to other people's pet, and was determined to take him back to Moscow. Document the problem again stood up to his full height, but it is a flight attendant and she knew on the plane all the hiding places. In general, the four-legged stowaway passengers it carried on board secretly.

During the flight I went to see him a few times. She did not know how dogs typically carry flights, but the reaction of the dog she did not like. Breathing heavily, I lay like a limp, his eyes barely open. Home from the airport had to take a taxi - it was clear that the train and the metro he not master, but at night a taxi was summoned again - rushed to the veterinary clinic.

A drip dog had lain for several days. Doctors ascertained infections and serious digestive problems, for the treatment of left a lot of money. Young man this girl was very skeptical: dragged from Turkey some half dead dog, and even, perhaps, an infectious, spent polzarplaty him, and she did not even know his name! In the veterinary clinic, by the way, I am also very surprised when she said that the boxer responds to the name "dog" and learn a brief history of the dog-traveler, was advised to seek information on the Internet, the forums.

She hammered into the search bar: "Troitsk lost dog breed boxer" - and immediately found his photograph, date of birth, name. He was lying on a bed - so thin and weak after the hospital - when she turned to him from the computer and said his name out loud. Shriller moment in her life, maybe it was not - his eyes lit up such enthusiasm, such a hope and dream of the return of the greatest love of his life ... M. did not believe her: It has been almost three months since the disappearance of the dog, when she called. At a meeting with a strange woman, he took another one stronger and more - with the car, just in case. In films such scenes are very effective: soft music, slow motion, a dog, all his devotional aspirations of being a landlord. In reality, everything was simpler and fussy: they arrived, she came out of the house, he began to bark furiously and tearing off the leash. M. fell to her knees and the dog began to lick his face. One of his friends asked in a trembling voice: "Where was he all this time?" And the other said: "We will need something?"

The last chord in this story was the financial - all receipts for the treatment of dogs Moscow, of course, paid. With his wife he had not divorced, dog alive and well. Only in the shops owners over it with you do not take.