5 most popular countries for sex tourism

• 5 most popular countries for sex tourism

Sex tourism, more recently, a rather exotic for Russians direction of alternative recreation, gradually gaining momentum. Travel agencies say that the demand for this service is increasing every year.

The average age of those wishing to go on an erotic journey of 25-50 years, by sex tourists there are both men and women, both free and unmarried. Each of them is looking for in a vacation something special - drive, romance or thrills. According to the observations psychologists, sex tourism helps people to get rid of complexes and stress and brighter express their sexuality.

The Netherlands

5 most popular countries for sex tourism

The Netherlands - European real mecca for lovers of diverse sexual entertainment. You can order any service in the Red Light District or visit porn Theater Casa Rosso, where anyone can become a member of presentation.

Czech Republic

5 most popular countries for sex tourism

for beginners as well as those who appreciate the traditional romance and sex, it is best suited to Czech Republic. Prostitutes can be ordered by phone, select the street, or to apply to the elite night club with sex-service. Fashion trends in the Czech Republic are considered to be corporate evenings in brothels.


5 most popular countries for sex tourism

The next country in the list of countries offering sex tourism, - sultry Brazil. Although officially banned here Prostitution in erotic clubs and saunas, you can choose a companion for every taste. And during the carnival in late February, the atmosphere even more features to unbridled orgies. Important note - in Brazil sharply negative attitude toward gay people, and for them to stay in the country may even be dangerous.


5 most popular countries for sex tourism

Thailand is widely known as the world capital of sex. Here you can find the finest erotic service for a ridiculously low price. One of the most popular local entertainment is considered a famous Thai massage. A woman staying in Thailand, can enjoy not just the man for the night, and the satellite for excursions and restaurants - in a word, the woman can rightfully feel like a queen, which is accompanied everywhere by "obliging Knight".


5 most popular countries for sex tourism

At least warmly welcomes sex tourists from different countries friendly to Cuba. Here you can find a companion or companion in the disco or on the beach, and it is absolutely free, since prostitution is officially on the island of Liberty does not exist.

Tourists going for sex with romance, it is worth remembering about the risks, which are fraught with such trips. This sexually transmitted infection, and likely to be the local police, if the partner has not reached the age of majority, hiding his age, and unpleasant situations tossing drugs.