KinoFresher - Hannah

• KinoFresher - Hannah

Disgraced secret service agent, Eric Heller many years he lived as a hermit in a hut in the middle of a snowy forest with a single purpose - to avenge Marissa wigglers. His arms and hope - Hanna, a genetically modified baby, which appeared as a result of a CIA project "Galinka".

KinoFresher - Hannah

It does not know about his artificial origin, but was determined to take revenge for murdered Marissa's mother. Years of relentless training and survival lessons, combined with theoretical knowledge of the outside world does not pass in vain. Hannah is ready. Hour of reckoning has come.

I got mixed feelings. It seems to be the gunman, but with a touch of auteur cinema. Subtle, but there. Because of this lame narrative dynamism and you can even get bored, but not for long. As a result - neither fish nor fowl.

A set of action-scenes attempts to dilute the disclosure of images of heroes. Here, Hannah, are inherently machine-killer, suddenly loses a crystal clear view of themselves and the world. Here Marissa, iron lady through and through, crying on the failed motherhood. And all around them are dying and people are dying, and they do not notice the loss until death are passionate about each other.

KinoFresher - Hannah

The theme of this seems to be overwritten - revenge, but because of the childhood of the protagonist is a vague rejection. Taken on a nice girl, not initially seem very beautiful, in the end rehabilitated himself. But here is the role of the killer ... Kids look just not worth it, but it still imagines himself too genetically enhanced and will administer justice ...

KinoFresher - Hannah

And that if you do not speak in general about such zryashnoe case as revenge. Eric surpassed virtually all. I do not just forget, but waited

10-15 years old, trained, trained and had sent a kind of deadly Marissa gift. I'm shocked. And then I will not even talk about a sensible idea of ​​this movie. Useless!

Casually touched upon genetic experiments on human beings. Judging by Hannah, the viewer gently hint that it is good and possible. I see no reason to disagree, although I know that the company is in the majority does not approve. And in the movie look like everything's cool! Child killers, secret service and dirty secrets. Wow!

KinoFresher - Hannah

In terms of stunts and special effects all the traditionally good. Even static images thanks to a pleasant and atmospheric soundtrack actors look easy.

You can see. The film stands out from all the rest is just as senseless militants attempt to somehow rectify the situation. But so spiritless theme just does not turn around, and all attempts are doomed to failure.

KinoFresher - Hannah

The Verdict: 2/5 for meaning - it is not there. 5/5 - for the visual range. Explosions and helicopters, though, no, but the shot is good, bright heart.

P.S .: "Shepherd" can not even swing a plot nikakuschy always night on the screen, and all this, in addition, seasoned hated 3D.

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