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Today, we are with you shall understand how to care for our favorite cameras. In particular, we understand that the phrase means "Wipe your eyes."

FotoFresher - Net Optics

If you still clean the lens element of clothes, then I hasten to tell you what to do this should not be. Those of you who are wondering - what and how to clean - saw a miracle device called Lenspen. The only thing that will report this to the token - it is cleaning the basis of carbon, we and us turn away.

Oh, I almost forgot about the mixture to clean the optics, which often leave streaks. Some species mentioned liquids have an attractive color that is not less attractive tints antireflection coating that we absolutely do not need. Others are scarce and are obscenely expensive.

Dear readers without stint purchase ultraviolet filter lens - it is used for digital SLR to protect the front lens from any trouble, up to physical impact.

We give a small classification of pollution:

Dust - blown special fotogrushey, and in any case not blow off his mouth, since saliva is inevitably sputtered on optics and will mate with anti-reflective coating that adversely affect the quality of the photos. Also it is impossible to wipe all sorts of rags, because dust microparticles remain in the fabric fibers and scar gently as pop baby covered. And another thing - do not use medical enema - powder, which they are processed, destroying the lens cover. liquid droplets - after drying leave a dry crust of the substances contained, if possible remove fluid immediately after being hit on the glass, use of cotton wool, when it is not necessary to her to carry around the lens, it will not Aladdin's lamp to rub it, but just barely touching the surface, remove the jade.

Grease stains - the main enemies of photographic equipment and, accordingly, the photographers themselves. Get rid of them the hardest, the spots caused severe damage to anti-reflective coatings.

FotoFresher - Net Optics

So, get down to business, we need: Paraffin candles - one piece, cotton buds - a certain number of pieces (it is important - essential wool is made of cotton, by the way, you can not use chopsticks, and a cotton wool), spoon / fork / knife (stainless steel optional) - one piece lens stained - as there are in stock items (this method is suitable for filters).

This is ridiculous, but it is remarkable, we will clean the soot, which is essentially - carbon, as in the above-mentioned marker (unjustified cost and disposability of the object is not for us).

First we ignite a candle and Copts on taking our iron object. I used a knife, so that no one suspected anything.

FotoFresher - Net Optics

After, take a cotton swab or cotton ball and get dirty in the smoke. Stick or disk I take, depending on the area of ​​contamination. Once again - wool should be from 100% cotton.

FotoFresher - Net Optics

Now carefully, with the precision of a surgeon, touch the contaminated cotton wool in soot. We do this until you slap the whole epicenter of concern, and while it will not go away, you may need more than one copy of a cotton swab. To remove excess soot use fotogrushu or fresh cotton wool.

FotoFresher - Net Optics

If you have withered pollution - Dykhne on the lens so that it is fogged, and still remove rubbish smoked fleece. My old object was perfectly clean. Divorce is not as soot absorbs fats, neutralizes acids and absorbs moisture.

FotoFresher - Net Optics

Remember - any pollution is easier to prevent than to correct the effects, and protective filter will keep your lens in its original form. And, I believe, it is better to take care of a good frame, rather than worry about the moisture gets on the front lens.

Successful you photoshoot.

Dmitry Babeshko, especially for our website