The most gifted people in history

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The most gifted people in history

William James Sidis was born April 1, 1898 in New York. He was the son of Jewish emigrants, immigrants from Ukraine. His parents were prominent experts in their fields: Boris Sidis taught psychology at Harvard University and was one of the most important psychiatrists and psychologists of the USA of its time; Sarah graduated from the University of Medicine in Boston in 1897, but gave up her career to educating William.

Parents want to make WJ. Sidis genius, using their own methods of education, for which they were criticized. At the age of 18 months he was reading the newspaper "New York Times". In 6 years of William knowingly she became an atheist. Before his eighth birthday, he wrote four books. His IQ was estimated in the region of 250 to 300 (the highest recorded IQ in history).

At the age of 11, WJ. Sidis went to Harvard. Knowledge, which were the work Sidis include American history, cosmology and psychology. Sidis was a collector of railway tickets, and was immersed in the study of transport systems. Under the pseudonym "Frank Falupa" he wrote a treatise on railway ticket, which identified ways to increase the capacity of the transport network capacity, which is only now beginning to find recognition. In 1930 he received a patent for the permanent endless calendar that took into account leap years. Sidis knew about 40 languages ​​(other sources - 200) and free to translate from one to another. Sidis also created an artificial language, the name they Vendergood in his second book entitled "Book of Vendergood", which he wrote at the age of eight years. Language for the most part based on Latin and Greek, as it was based on the German, French and other Romance languages.

Sidis was socially passive. At an early age he decided to give up sex and dedicate his life to intellectual development. His interest is shown in a rather exotic forms. He wrote a study on the US alternative history. Adulthood, he worked as a simple accountant, wearing traditional rural clothing and fired from their jobs as soon detected his genius. Striving to live quietly, he was hiding from journalists.

Sidis died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1944 at the age of 46 years in Boston.

WJ. Sidis estimated by some biographers as the most gifted person on earth. That's biography points that gave rise to this opinion:

- William learned to write by the end of the first year of life. - In the fourth year of his life, he read Homer in the original.

- In the six years I studied Aristotelian logic.

- Between 4 and 8 years he has written 4 books, including a monograph on the anatomy.

- In seven years, I passed the exam at Harvard Medical School anatomy.

- For 8 years William knew 8 languages ​​- English, Latin, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, French, German, and another one, which he invented himself.

- In mature life William was fluent in 40 languages, and, according to some authors, this number reached 200.

- In 11 years Sidis attended Harvard University and was soon lecturing at Harvard math club.

- He graduated from Harvard with honors in 16 years.