Confrontation: M16 - AK47 - Trehlineyka

• Confrontation: M16 - AK47 - Trehlineyka

Confrontation: M16 - AK47 - Trehlineyka

M16 - wedge when dirty

AK47 - Works when dirty

Trehlineyka - was not clean from the issue to the troops in 1932

M16 - Hundreds of moving parts, held together by dozens of bolts and screws

AK47 - a couple dozen moving parts held by a handful of rivets and seams ugly drunken Russian welder

Trehlineyka - three moving parts, the two screws.

M16 - you would rather die than break a rifle in his dorogushchuju melee

AK47 - your machine can be a good fight in melee

Trehlineyka - Your rifle - a cool spear with shooting

M16 - if the striker will break, you are sending the rifle to the factory warranty

AK47 - If broken firing pin, you buy a new

Trehlineyka - If broken firing pin, you spin it a couple of turns on in the gate

M16 - it is difficult to produce than many planes

AK47 - Used countries that do not have money for planes

Trehlineyka - From it shot down the planes

M16 - Under the magnifying glass is melted butt

AK47 - Under a magnifying glass you can see still work together grease Vietnamese dirt

Trehlineyka - Under a magnifying glass you can see the soaked wood krovischi

Favorite drink holder

M16 - Cognac

AK47 - Vodka

Trehlineyka - Brake fluid, merged on the frozen scrap

M16 - Make a small hole, all neatly, in accordance with the Geneva Convention AK47 - Makes a big hole, sometimes tears limbs, does not correspond to the Geneva Convention

Trehlineyka - One of the reasons for the creation of the Geneva Convention

M16 - Excellent shoots small rodents

AK47 - Excellent shoots the enemies of the revolution

Trehlineyka - Excellent shoots light technique

M16 - Once in the river, stops working

AK47 - Once in the river, still shooting

Trehlineyka - Once in the river, usually used as a paddle

M16 - Weapons for Defense

AK47 - Weapons to attack

Trehlineyka - Weapons of Victory!

M16 - grenade launcher is heavy, but it can put a grenade in the window for 200 meters

AK47 - If that grenade from the grenade launcher can be thrown out the window by hand

Trehlineyka - a grenade in the window? Bay through the wall, chuck punches almost meter brick

M16 - You can put a silencer, a small cartridge does not give a lot of sound

AK-47 - In principle, it is possible to put a silencer, but it is better just to press the enemy to the ground continuous fire

Trehlineyka - Nafig muffler, when all is any deaf after the first shot?

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