Animal criminals

At various times in the history of mankind "cast" in one extreme or the other. Now the era of tolerance and political correctness, and only a few centuries ago, the case in another situation was. Then everyone was in danger of being charged, for example, witchcraft or conspiracy against the king.

Now, too, there are similar trends, such as global search for terrorists and other people and often fictitious groups - everything is decided by money. But I will not consider the current situation, but some historical curiosities related to the ridiculous accusations of commission of a crime - it's interesting. Especially when you consider that the accused on all of the following cases were not people, but animals.

Bees devils

Animal criminals

In the year 894, after the trial, a swarm of bees has been charged with the murder of one person. Bees really bitten by the poor man, and he died from the bites, but in this case, neither his opinion nor the opinion of the bees could not find - all decided a fair trial. The judge said that the bees possessed by the devil, and they carried out his evil will by going to the dark side.

Now their sweet honey is also dangerous to use, since the infected devilish poison, so the whole swarm would be destroyed by strangulation. How does this process, it is not known - whether swarm just fumigated with smoke, whether each bee executioner strangled ... I only know that it took three of the executioner to carry out the sentence.

The pig-killer

Animal criminals

judicial law gradually developed, and in 1386 at the trials there were lawyers of the accused. They used to be called by another name, but the meaning remains the same. People, unfortunately, do not change, and there are always adults who are not watching their children, and if they fall into a difficult situation, injured, or even killed, then there is always the temptation to blame for the tragedy of anyone but themselves. So at that time the baby was left to himself, and a great evil pig was near him. Seeing the man she pounced on him and bitten to death. Examination of the time, distinguished by the color of blood on a pig, that she was the cause of death of the child, transfer the result to a local court, which scheduled a hearing on the case. It would seem, what's the problem - the pig slaughter, chops and make all business ... But no, it was decided to hold the trial of the accused, defense counsel, judges and so on. Pig dressed in human clothes, put (or secured) in the chair, and the trial began.

Passion on the court seethed taken lightly - the parents, who initially thought also to blame for the tragedy that claimed that watching your child, the more so as he had previously played in the company of a pig and everything was in order. In general, the pig was accused that she had committed the brutal murder, was sentenced to be hanged, and put it on a clean shirt and executed. After that, the whole city all day ate pork, and justice is done.

After a while, the same miserable pig retroactively charged with the murder of a sailor, which occurred at a time when the animal was in the yard with a child ...

The wolf-werewolf

Animal criminals

As shown in movies and written in clever books, werewolves - this is bad people who turn into wolves. Here in 1685 the people of a small town caught in the woods a wolf and not think of anything more interesting (while it was vague ...), have accused him that he was a werewolf and in general used to be the local mayor.

In order to give the werewolf great similarity with the deceased mayor, he cut off his nose, and face mask attached, slightly similar to the former mayor. As a wolf dressed beard, horns and blood-red cloak. After that, a local judge said: "Enough! And so it goes, "Wolf admitted guilt and that he is a werewolf. The poor tortured animal is dragged through the streets of the city, was beaten to death and burned.

The leader of the gang of cows

Animal criminals

There consonant modern anecdote, but the story is not about him. Artiodactyls often became defendants in medieval courts because of his horns and cloven hooves that automatically submits them at risk as accomplices of the devil. In one of the towns of France (Rouvre) One kid was arrested in 1452 (in the truest sense, animal) on the charge of the leadership of a group of cows.

This group of cows and goats, according to residents, several days harmed citizens, terrorizing them with their inhuman actions. The clothes szhuyut, the horns of the pants will give a good citizen ... Fortunately, one of the cows passed all the others, including the leader, and a fair trial concluded that cows themselves are quiet and dumb animals, and could not be engaged in robbery. So, the blame falls on this same goat! What happened to him after is not known, and in general it is a pity goat ...

Goat stolen vehicles

Animal criminals

And yet another story about the goat, even from recent history. January 23, 2003 prevented the passerby attempted carjacking outside a group of bandits. All managed to escape, but one that in the eyes of a passerby turned into a goat (in the words of the passer) and pretended that he had nothing to do with it. Oh, I forgot to say - it was in Nigeria. Valiant passer to be vigilant, held the goat and took him to the nearest police station. There he listened to the story, a goat photographed full face, full face and profile, hoof prints removed and put into a cell.

I certainly do not know what was on his mind at this robber, but the trick is to be converted into a goat was unsuccessful. Let us begin with the fact that the Nigerian goats eat so much more robust step was to turn into something less appetizing for the natives, such as a bird or, for example, hedgehog. But it was his choice, and police threatened that if he does not turn back into a human until the next morning, they uncover the grill, of course, it really was a kid, and it is likely to have eaten ... But now no criminal risks becoming in a goat.

The monkey from New York

Animal criminals

October 25, 1907 on the streets of New York held the events that led to the arrest of a monkey sitting on the shoulder of the organ grinder and twisting the handle barrel organ. 78-year-old Michael Salador quietly entertained passers sounds of the hurdy-gurdy, when running up the child grabbed the monkey by the tail and pulled. The child's mother burst into abuse and taking witnesses surrounding moms, threw accusations at the old man. Soon the turn went to women's fists, and only came to the rescue the policeman was able to save the man and the monkey ... yes, probably, from death.

Monkey terrified policeman jumped on his head to escape from the women, and scratched his face. This, too, was an aggravating factor in the conviction of an animal. Fortunately, Judge Batts Bronx police refused to open a criminal case on the grounds that none of the defendants in the case and the residents of the city could not speak monkey language and tell how the event occurred from the point of view of the primacy of the frightened. Common sense prevailed, in spite of maternal rabies.