Improper training

• Improper education of

Improper training

In the Moscow subway leads to the following situation: the mother sits with the child next to them is a girl all of a, in a long white coat, with her punk standing ungroomed appearance, chewing gum, listening player.

A child with all now trying to stain the soles of his coat botinochek this girl, she tries to move away, but because of the crush can not. Then she politely says mamma, that it rein in its toddler t. To. The coat is soiled. Mother opens her mouth and starts yelling that up to 5 years do not raise, you need to take care of the child's nerves, and that the girl herself shut up. At this time the whole audience in the car watching the scene attentively.

Then, standing next to a girl pankoobraznogo kind of guy takes off his ears player takes the gum out of his mouth and gently imprinted on her forehead 'singing mother. In the car - dead silence. And arrogant, very ungracious voice guy:

- I'm here, too, up to 5 years old are not raised.