Myths about nutrition bachelor

• Myths about nutrition bachelor

Myths about nutrition bachelor

I know how to make these pancakes that women cry with envy when they eat them. If I was a girl, the friend would already elicited from me the recipe, threatening to spoil the manicure or trimming a crooked bangs, and then be killed and buried somewhere, to individually dispose of this secret. Because a woman who is able Oven pancakes are never left alone. These pancakes are very easy to turn the head of all men at the entrance, if slightly open up the process of cooking the door.

From this it is doubly a shame that I was a man. I do not need other men vskruzhivat head. Useful skill is lost in vain. It's like as if the red shoes with heels to fall into the clutches of Pithecanthropus. Well he red shoes with heels, this cudgel hairy? ..

So women eat my pancakes, while they themselves weep. I deliberately put into the dough a little less salt, so that the pancakes were not too salty tears.

And I know how to make risotto. Women came to taste my pilaf of Abakan. We ate two kilos for three, smoked on the balcony, and went back, well fed. They promised that they would come even if I again do pilaf. also came from Novosibirsk, but I refused to pilaf. Afraid that from Abakan come again. And once arrived brother from California, and I did roll with mushroom and cheese. Then he cried and did not want to leave. I mean a brother, not a roll. I also know how to make zucchini with meat, cheese and tomatoes. Zucchini then looks as though he wants to kiss in a cheese crust. This tavern would do honor to any exhibition of achievements of national economy.

And about my chicken, braised in white wine with garlic cloves, is legendary. It almost never seen, but heard about it a legend.

For example, there is such a legend. One girl came to visit me when I was chicken, braised in white wine. She ate half and went home. And late at night he called me and said:

- Can I come back?

I agreed. Then she came and ate the other half. And he left again. And most of it has not been seen.

You know, to believe everything they say the legend, it is not necessary. Surely it someone will see. Maybe now someone sees. But anyway, at my house, she no longer appeared. What sense to go where there are no more chicken, braised in white wine with garlic cloves? ..

I also loved to make eggs in the meat crust. Here's how: boiled egg, rolled in flour and various other things, and then swarmed on all sides, and this bloody meat bun again collapses in flour and various other things. Then it should fry. When I presented this egg in meat crust one of his friend, I was told that I was a vile liar, because man is by definition not able to do such a complicated dish, without the help of a woman, semi-finished or evil forces. She said she believes that part of the story where I cooked egg. Rest assured it in my falsehood. However, she believed me when I was in her presence napeku her pancakes. Then she told me:

- I do not understand. And why are you still single, if you know how to do pancakes?

And then I thought a few seconds, and added:

- Although not realized. Why do you have a wife, if you yourself know how to do pancakes? ..

I tried to reassure her, saying, I really want to get married. Even promised to cook coffee in the morning, but she finished her pancakes and went. Perhaps he is hoping to enter the legend.

In general, the longer I talk, the more I want to eat.

I will go and eggs fire.