I turned into the yard and stopped the car in a friend's porch. It has long been here. The same shabby benches at the entrance. Old swing. Birch trees in the garden under the window. Even a puddle near the shed - and that on the spot. Nothing changed. Ugh! How do they live here?

- Nice car, yeah!

Even startled. Contact me tramp did not cause sympathy. Whence he emerged?

- In my bratuha even better, yeah! You know my bratuha?

I looked contemptuously at the owner "bratuha" -avtovladeltsa. Short, not exactly wearing much in bomzhovski, but clearly in the things with someone else's shoulder, older than me for several years, he was standing in front of me, smiling from ear to ear. Jerk some.

- I do not know your bratuha and you do not want to know. Go away, bomzhara! Divorced you, parasites ...

A guy in a strange looked at me and began to cry just like a child. Idiot, exactly.

- My brother will come! You'll see, yeah ... You'll see!

Damn, just that I was lacking!

- Mityanya, calm down! Serge, hello. Come in, rises in an apartment - I heard a familiar voice guys.

Well, good though Nicholas came. During.

- Wow, Nick. What the heck is that? Who it? I did not touch him at all.

- Everything is OK. Come on - say, do not pay attention. Mityanya, do not cry. On, you twenty rubles - go buy yourself something.

Bomzhara stopped crying and happily grabbed the outstretched money.

- Let's go, Sergei. How long have you not come. You see, the reason some worthless ...

We went up to the apartment on the second floor. I crossed the threshold and felt the familiar smell of childhood.

I lived here my grandmother. When my parents were leaving on a business trip, and sent me to her. My grandmother lived alone since his grandfather died. I was the only grandchild, grandmother loved me and spoiled as she could. it does not exist now. The legacy wrote to me this kopeck piece in the Khrushchev. Except that Nicholas and his wife - she asks ... Nicholas, in fact - my uncle, the younger brother of the mother. But I'm not used to call him "uncle." Nicholas, Kolya - all so-called, and I'm used to. And he treated it with no complaints.

Nicholas had previously worked as a miner, somewhere in the Chita region. I remember the good grandmother nailed in Soviet times. Come on holiday with his wife Svetka, both dressed, brought a bunch of mother's gifts to us. My grandmother was very proud of them regretted that have not given birth to her heirs. We said - Sveta once chilled strongly at work. Because of this and could not.

Nicholas got to the mine immediately after the army - boyfriend seduced by talking about big money. Sam-I then left a year later, and Nick was a long time. Became a foreman, he joined the party, even the order received. The newspaper wrote about it, I remember - the grandmother proudly shows its neighbors in the article "Labor" with a photo of his son.

Nikolay and Svetlana were going to move to the Kuban region, closer to the mother to relatives. Money saved for a house. Besides health gave itself felt - Kohl earned a disability. What is out there disease in miners from the professional hammer, something associated with vibration. He is now a month every year in the sanatorium put free. Then the accident in the mine. Then they decided to finally return.

We came, bought a car - "Volga". Remained the money to buy a house. My parents are advised to keep an eye on a house by the sea, in Gelendzhik. My father had friends there, here and then drove four - Nicholas with light and my mother and father. Father leaving laughed: "Here, Serge! It will now have relatives on the sea! "

They have not reached. The driver of the oncoming "Kamaz" asleep at the wheel. My parents were killed instantly. Svetlana - fracture of the spine. Nicholas smashed up a bunch of money on doctors. And then there came the restructuring, the remaining money turned to dust. About the house by the sea I had to forget forever. That remained to live with his grandmother. Stakhanovite with his wife in a wheelchair. After his parents died, I rarely come here. Annoy me was Nikolai. I do not know - can hurt my parents stayed behind. But he felt his guilt, that's for sure.

No, I think - it's not. Irritated by his attitude to life. Bydlyacheskoe some. A hundred times to argue with him about this - it is useless. Dipped little hands, working at a construction site, Svetku its rolls back and forth. Nowhere seeks more all happy, all happy. All are trying to take the child to an orphanage. But who will give them to him? Beggarly salary, pension for disability. The apartment was only this. However, and it is now mine. According to the documents all right just me - my grandmother during his lifetime so decided. I'm not to blame.

Of course, I'm not a beast. I will not drive on the street. But not going to give. The apartment is worth the money. House, though not new, but in the center - construction companies have long been circling around. Good grandmother give. Almost all residents agree. And they Svetka and communal any move possible. They are all the same where to live, by and large. And anyway - what should I worry for them, if not for themselves worried? I hate people who earn less than the three-ruble bills bucks a month and think it's okay. I do not understand them. Well, what kind of man? Lift up your ass, earn. Take away in the end. Life is so. You have to be tougher. Making necessary, spin, instead of sitting beside his wife.

I'm better? Single - not up to it yet. And the children - that produce poverty? But everything is fine with me - work, car, apartment in Moscow ...

- You're a tea, Gray? Black or green? - interrupted my thought Nicholas, - Svetlana rest, let's be quiet.

- BUT? Let's green ...

- green, so green. What did not come to the funeral? All things? - Cause. Yes, and I do not like such events. I do not know how to behave. Uncomfortable and out of tune everything once. All cry. Especially grandmother - as a businesslike, professional, kind and spend money. As prostitutes in the backseat of the car, without a soul.

- Hmm ... Well you compare! Prostitutes ... Just you there in his Moscow ...

- What's in Moscow? Once you start? Do you think there I still fall from the sky? Just because money gives, you that grimy syavke now?

- Do not do like this. It Mityanya. He's ... Well, how do you say? Sveta said - blessed it. Sorry for him.

- "Blessed" ... Yes trash it! Ordinary Russian cattle that nothing in life wants only to thump! What I regret them? Who are they to blame?

- Listen, Sergei, - Nikolai smoothed his hand lying on the "AIF" table - well, where in you that? "Cattle" ... These people, Sergei. For a long time he was the elite? Why do you have some money in your head? Think only of money in your life is important?

- Ha! Again nischebrodskie conversations about moral values ​​... Well, what is important in your opinion?

- Family is important. Children. People are important, Sergei.

- These are the people? Oh you, that talk to you? Useless. What is with the apartment will be solved?

- From the apartment? What to decide? You - the owner is now, and you decide.

- In short, Nikolai. Do you think that there is not ... I am now very much needed moolah. Month you to prepare for the move. I podyschu options himself. I come - discuss. Until.

Nicholas did not even look after me.

I arrived a month and a half.

Nikolai was sitting in the kitchen in front of an opened bottle of vodka. I said hello and put on the table a few sheets with options for housing.

- Then your guys, realtors variantik picked up - you look at your leisure. Buchau? Solder people Jews Democrats? Gee-gee. Or a holiday? - Yes, what's the holiday ... Did you say something they do not come, so ... Mityanyu today buried. I did not go, and so - to remember decided.

- Mityanyu? This is what? Tramp that I last met? And what happened to him - ruptured at work? Ha-ha!

- No, - Nicholas did not seem to notice my humor - They killed him. Was beaten to death. Maybe - the cops, and maybe - crazy kids. Who prevented? ...

- Kohl, I am struck with you. You're a grown man like. That's what you're sorry for any redneck? They choose this kind of life, they do not alter. They like to live like that, and nothing you can not do with them. Nobody is forcing them to roll under the fence, plump, no vodka in their mouths does not fill. That they regret?

- I do not know. Just yesterday he learned about Mityanyu, a lump in my throat ... I nearly drove into tears, can you imagine? Mother buried, it was not so. Still, eighty-seven she was - she lived. And then ... What do you mean, you do not remember it, Mityanyu? I should remember. He lived in the sixteenth home. Brother, he is even older - Seva. In St. Petersburg physician. Mitya was a good guy. In the army, something happened to him. I do not know, but it komissovali a year. Can - beat can - something else. But he was harmless. Not crazy, no. In Durkee not taken - was told that nomalno. Strange only. Defenseless as a child. Drinking became, yes. But is not that just too - his mother is not allowed. And when three years ago Lena aunts - his mother died, Seva arrived. I sold an apartment and Mityanya the street remained. And living - sleeping in doorways, in attics, fed by the fact that people will give. I told him his old clothes give. He kept telling everyone: "Soon will come my bratuha, see! Take me to Peter, yeah. "I could not believe that his brother threw so. And that ... Even at the funeral did not come. I gave the telegram ... were people buried ... But do not you remember him? I remembered. Sure. Mitya. Dima.

I then was very kid - six years. We are local guys in the winter went to bat. Previously, there seems to be mined clay or something. Underground water flooded the pit and get a small but fairly deep lake. I was not to appear a coward, the first to set foot on the ice and fell immediately. I am trying to get out, breaking the thin ice and fright sail further away from the slippery bank. My buddies were frightened and ran away. I was lucky to meet them caught Dima. He saved me. I remember how he pulled me and smiling, Kuta in his jacket: "What nakupalis, huh? House then will fly! Diver ... "He gave me then and is called -" diver ". While the army has not left.

- Yes ... So with the apartment, Serge? When to move out?

- What? And ... - I picked up the sheets with addresses and broke - Forgive me, Kolya. For all…

I poured the vodka itself to him. Almost half a cup.

- Let's have a drink. For Mityanyu. For grandmother. For my parents. For you and me.

- Let's drink for the people, Serge.

And we drank. For the people.

Without clinking glasses.