Crazy rulers of past times

In the history of mankind is very rare good, smart, enterprising rulers, who really did a lot for his people. Most often we see the "dummies", that had fun life without thinking about their country's problems.

However, there were also the rulers of that terrified the subjects of its abnormality. To be honest - to such deviations often resulted in incest, which were very popular among aristocrats and persons of royal blood of those times.

In this article published a few names more "abnormal" rulers. Of course, a subjective list, and a lot of crazy and a strange emperors, kings, princes and kings were not included in the review.

George III of

Crazy rulers of past times

King George III of Great Britain and Ireland the rules about 59 years. His reign was clouded by constant riots, war with France, failed relationships with the colonies of England in North America. Despite the fact that the king was the most large families for almost the entire history of England, his brain, unlike the body, was sick. Since 1789 the king begins to suffer bouts of porphyria, during which it is quite insane.

Modern historians believe that his madness, and blindness, overtaken the king in the last years of his life to have been caused by anything other than arsenic poisoning. It seems that someone is constantly hounded monarch, constantly mingling arsenic to food and drink of the king. In spite of all the diseases, the king died at the age of 82 years.

Mad Juana I

Crazy rulers of past times

Yes, the nickname is Queen of Castile had not in vain, even in childhood and adolescence, it would seem, do not say anything about future problems with the "head". Juana of Castile became such after the death of a number of relatives (natural death), so she became the queen. Her husband, Philip I, which is also called the Fair, died suddenly after a year after Juan became queen. After the death of her husband the queen fell in a deranged state, in fact, she was mad. Can a normal person to carry the coffin with the body of a spouse across the country, preventing burial, and periodically open the coffin to admire the beloved?

In general, after all this, her family quickly took the reins in their hands. Philip buried his father, Juan of the order was sent to the castle of Tordesillas. She remained there until 1555, in spite of what was considered the queen until her death in the 1555. She died at the age of 73 years.

Carlos II of

Crazy rulers of past times

This king was a very ugly child, one might even say - ugly. The thing is, that the inbreeding he was around 25%, ie, he was born after a series of incestuous relationships Spanish rulers.

The boy was not only ugly, but also weak mind that, in principle, be explained not only by the fact that the genetic apparatus of Carlos II mutilated beyond recognition, but also the fact that his parents for a long time protects against the formation and in general from mental stress, fear for his health.

During his reign marked the weakening of the role itself of Spain in Europe, which is suddenly out of brilliant powers became a second-rate country.

Charles VI of

Crazy rulers of past times

This king became insane at once, but somehow gradually, especially conspicuous disorder of the mind was in April 1392, when the king suffered the first "fever, accompanied by prolonged fever." After this, he became very irritable, lose his temper because of any sudden sound.

A few months later the king went to the military campaign, having collected a considerable army. However, immediately after leaving the city he thought was the escape of some rags, screaming "stop, the king! You betrayed" him. Immediately the king rushed to his page's killing him, then chased after his brother. Do not catch up to him, he threw on his own knights, while his horse is not knocked down, and the king fell into a coma. Three days later he came to his senses and immediately appointed pensions for widows and children of those killed. Then the king to give up power, giving the reins to his uncles.

After that, the king happened a few attacks, after which he fell into complete madness with periodic bouts of enlightenment. The king thought he was made of glass, and may break it for five months, he refused to wash and shave, then his fists at anyone who was around.

Now there are two versions of the nature and cause of the illness of the king - one talks about a possible poisoning, the second - on the manic-depressive psychosis.

Alfonso VI of

Crazy rulers of past times

This king is very ill in three years, resulting in the left half of his body was partially paralyzed, and his mind was clouded. For example, when his older brother died, the future king cried, "Hurray Now I'm the king of Portugal!". Even in adulthood, Alphonse VI behaved in the same way as in his youth: driving through the city with young people and drunk in pubs.

He did not want to study or to govern the country. In general, the king did what he wanted, while his own mother is not opposed to this "rule". Several years mother and son fought until the mother has not won, and did not become the king's younger brother Alfonso, Pedro. In November 1667 Alfonso was forced to abdicate.

Sultan Ibrahim I

Crazy rulers of past times

One of the most famous Ottoman sultan, Ibrahim, was clearly not very confident. During his reign, he nearly managed to destroy their own country, his rule was so poorly. In addition, he was completely insane and in my personal life. For example, he tried to find the thickest woman for his harem, and finally found it in Armenia. Its weight was 150 kg, which at that time was very significant indicator of security. Ibrahim gave her an allowance and the title of the ruler of Damascus. But it ended badly - he heard rumors that a man visited the harem, and Ibrahim drowned all 280 of their wives and concubines in the Bosphorus. And above all, it is believed that the fish in the palace pool should eat coins.

Ivan IV, the Terrible

Crazy rulers of past times

The man lost his parents early, even as a child, and (he was seven years old) after the death of Ivan's mother, took the boy to bring high-ranking nobles. He was treated very badly, heaping abuse and punishing for the slightest infractions. As a result, the child began to torture small animals and gradually absorbed its abyss of madness.

In 1544, when he was 14 years old, he fed the then head of the government's dogs.

Despite the madness, he was a good ruler at the beginning of his reign, creating laws that even aims to improve the lives of ordinary people. But all this did not last long - the king of rigidity manifested itself in full, and many people, both high-ranking officials and ordinary and peasants were tortured. Economics, military affairs, it was all running to an extreme degree, and it took a long time to rebuild the country after the death of Ivan the Terrible.

Queen Mary I of Portugal

Crazy rulers of past times

Queen of Madness was first recorded in 1786, when she was taken into his own quarters in almost beside himself. After that, the queen was getting worse. She actually went bankrupt, suffered from religious mania and melancholia. After the death of her beloved son, the queen was unable to perform even the royal duties. As a result, high-ranking officials at the time decided to remove the queen from the government, and put it in their own rooms. According to witnesses, from the chambers could be heard horrible screams echoed through the palace. She died in 1816.

Prince Sado

Crazy rulers of past times

He was born in 1735 and married nine years later. Korean historians claim that his father hated his son since birth. When the prince turned 17, he became a father himself. After the birth of son Prince measles, he recovered, and has since become insane. He began to have nightmares, it seemed that he was surrounded by terrible creatures. In 1757 Sado began to mock his own servants, and raping any woman who denied him in the vicinity. Then he began to kill and rape, whenever you want.

King of all sick of it, and he closed his lunatic son in a box, without food or water. He died only eight (!) Days.

The Emperor Caligula

This Roman emperor began his reign very well - he canceled some very strict orders on treason, paid the debts of previous emperors, cut taxes. Just eight months after the beginning of his reign, Caligula fell ill (probably encephalitis, which caused organic brain damage). After that, the behavior of Caligula very changed.

So, he forced to commit suicide several relatives, then magnified other relatives, and began to prepare for a campaign in Britain.

Caligula built a marble stable for his horse, Incitatus, and put there chairs and couches, where, of course, the horse has never sat. Once Caligula ordered protection to throw on stage the first five lines of the amphitheater audience who watch the battle lions. All these people were killed, because the scene was released more lions. Caligula torturing people for their own pleasure, and used sophisticated torture. He indulged in dubious pleasures, like an intimate relationship with their own sisters, she spent feasting and games.

In the end, Caligula was murdered, after a number of unsuccessful attempts to plot.