How were born super-brands

Interesting and instructive stories about how there were world-known companies and brands.

Learn and reread stories startups megabrendov - employment is quite fascinating and informative. Here are some inspiring stories of great entrepreneurs and their business initiatives.

Victoria's Secret

How were born super-brands

One day, Roy Raymond decided to make a gift to his wife and went to the store in search of beautiful lingerie. He wandered among the shelves with the products to get lost in "the beyond" the world of women's accessories. Even sellers, trained to serve women who are not able to help him to make a purchase. So Roy and left empty-handed, but with a revolutionary idea.

In 1977 he opened his first shop - "Victoria's Secret", is positioned as a new type of lingerie stores. Shop combines European elegance with a friendly atmosphere in which even the men feel comfortable. But running the program for the implementation of clothes through catalogs, Raymond made a real revolution in the approach to the lingerie sales in the world.

However, five years later, Roy Raymond was forced to sell Victoria's Secret, Leslie Wexner, who immediately got rid of the image of "paradise for men", making a bet on the female audience. Fashionable underwear from Victoria's Secret has become positioned as affordable luxury.

And Roy Raymond vozrste in 47 years, after several failed business ventures, in 1993, committed suicide by jumping from the bridge Golden GateBridge in San Francisco.


How were born super-brands

One of the oldest networks of fast food restaurants in the United States was founded Garlanom Sanders (1890-1980) when he was 60. Before that, he was quite miserable life. With only 6 years of education, to 40 years Garlan had to change a few dozen trades. He traded the tires was a fireman, military, conductor, helped farmers worked peddler and more. Having tried a lot of trades, he did not find any, which can survive for a long time. The family lived in poverty, but the woman bore all the problems of her husband's firmness, and until recently, believed in him. In 1930, Sanders opened his body shop. Soon, he decides that it is necessary to make a small dining room for customers. Garlan allocated under the dining room one room studio (in several of his family was the other). In this room was a dining table and 6 chairs. Sanders was preparing food directly on the home kitchen. Soon, his shop became famous throughout its Kentucky fried chicken. It was called: "Kentucky fried chicken Garlan Sanders." All clients have noted the quality of its seasoning, which he had prepared of 11 different spices.

In 1937, he opens a motel Sanders Court & Cafe, which was still independent and fast food restaurants. In the 50s Sanders began to sell their chickens "on Garlanu Sanders' other restaurants across America. In the early '60s, customers Garlan Sanders were already several hundred US restaurants.

the Woolworth

How were born super-brands

The founder of the largest chain of stores Woolworth and inventor of product price tags and supermarkets found the right insight, has enabled him to put together millions. Shy and stammering young man from the village, aged 21, settled Assistant seller in a small shop. While the price of goods in shops, placed on the counter of the seller, is not specified. Vendor "by eye" determined the solvency of the buyer, and called its price. Further, buyer or traded, or left. Poor Frank does not know how and was very afraid to entice buyers to praise the goods and haggle. So afraid that one day even fainted during service. As a punishment, the shop owner left it to trade one for the day, threatening that if the revenue is less than the normal day, he fired him. Before opening the store Frank attached to all paper products with the minimum possible price (the prototype of the modern price tag). All unsold goods piled up in the warehouse, he put on a huge table with attachment plate with the inscription "All five cents." He put the table near the window so that the goods, and a sign was visible from the street. And shaking with fear waited for customers by hiding behind the counter.

All goods are sold out in a few hours, and revenue per day was equal to a week. Buyers, second-hand goods in their hands and saw written on it the price without bargaining gave money.

Frank retired from the owner, took the money and opened his own shop. In 1919, Woolworth empire consisted of thousands of shops, and a personal fortune of Frank was about 65 million.

the Nintendo

How were born super-brands

The history of the Japanese company, specializing in the creation of computer games and game consoles, started in 1889. Then the company called Marufuku and produced playing cards in a special Japanese style, which were painted by hand and then covered with varnish. In 1902, the company began to produce maps on the Western model, which at that time were unknown to the Japanese, and soon became one of the leaders of the gambling industry.

In 1970 Nintendo moves from cards to simple toys. At the time it was invented many interesting toys automatic supply of baseballs "Ultra Machine", a mechanical hand "The Ultra Hand" and playful tool for testing the level of love "Love Tester". In 1978, Nintendo has started to manufacture arcade games.


How were born super-brands

The leading chemical engineer company Procter & Gamble Victor Mills, helps her daughter take care of the children, I had to repeatedly pull out of their own grandchildren wet diapers, wash and dry them. The process, of course, he did not like and wanted to somehow make their lives easier. Then I came up with the idea of ​​a one-time "diapers" - folded pad of highly absorbent, which was planned to be placed in a special form of underpants. The first model Mills has experienced on his own grandchildren - it is generally felt all of his family members. At that time, when all brushed their teeth with tooth powder, his wife and daughter did this liquid toothpaste, which came up with Mills. After several experiments with different materials Mills developed for the new P & G product, which began to produce under the trade name Pampers, become nominal. Retired inventor of "diapers" became interested in travel and backpacking. Mills was well over 80, and it is still climbing in the mountains. Victor Mills died at the age of 100 in 1997.


How were born super-brands

Boris Ostrobrod left the Soviet Union in the early 90s in Israel. There he settled in Tel Aviv and started trading. He began bringing to Russia swimwear from Israel. Small batch of the first swimsuits purchased Ostrobrod with his brother Arkady Pekarsky their small savings, sold out almost instantly.

This was followed by work with the Chinese. The brothers began to order clothes in China. After the first success in the sales field, Boris realized that true success can be achieved only by taking control of production. Which he did. In the end, the well-known brands in the world, engaged in the production of clothes, too, sewed it in China. Once they were able to maintain quality control in China, why not try?

So there was a brand Sela, which was the main market of Russia. At the same time, all production has been concentrated in China, and the company headquarters is located in Tel Aviv. Interestingly, the word Sela itself in Hebrew means "rock".

of Nike

How were born super-brands

Phil Knight was a middle-distance runner at Oregon State University team. He was very mediocre athlete. But he knew how awful the American trainers. At the same time the German Adidas for most people in the 60s were a real luxury, because the cost is much more expensive than local products, even though they were ten times higher in quality. Knight decided to rectify the situation and to create a company Blue Ribbon Sports, which would produce cheap American shoes, which the quality is not inferior to the German Adidas and Puma. Knight came to the conclusion that to realize the quality, and at the same time, cheap sneakers can only producing them in Asia. In 1964, investing in the business for $ 500, Knight and his coach Bowerman ordered 300 pairs of sneakers a Japanese company Onitsuka Tiger (currently ASICS). Phil began to sell Japanese sneakers in the US directly from their van.

Sales began to grow, and slowly business began to outgrow from the simple resale of foreign trainers in the production of its brand Nike.

the Hilton

How were born super-brands

In June 1919, located in the US state of Texas town of Cisco arrived Conrad Hilton, who was then 31st birthday. He has recently gone through bankruptcy of his first venture - the bank does not stay afloat, and year. After his elimination from Conrad still had 5,000 US dollars, and he was going to open a new bank or, if possible, buy the right. But very soon his plans changed.

Looking for an overnight stay, he went to a local hotel Mobley. Banker-struck loser crowding in the lobby of people who literally fought for vacant rooms. Crowds of customers - a real dream of every businessman, thought at the time Hilton. But such is not pleased with the hotel owner, and it turned out that he was not averse to sell his 60-room Mobley. That was enough to Hilton ever forgot about what else the banks. A few days later, he became the master of its first hotel, and six years later opened the first hotel of its name in Dallas - Dallas Hilton.

Adidas and Puma

How were born super-brands

Soon after the First World War, in early 1920 Dassler the family council decided to organize a family business - sewing shoes under the brand Dassler. First Dassler family products were slippers and orthopedic footwear for training athletes - persons with disabilities (of which there were many after the war). The material for them served as the decommissioned military uniforms, and the soles cut from old tires. "Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory" was founded in 1924. Two brothers with opposite characters complement each other - Adolf - calm and steady producer at the time, as Rudolf - an active and communicative seller. A year later, Adolf invented and sewed the first soccer shoes with spikes in the world, who forged blacksmith brothers Tselyayn. Football model proved to be a convenient and at the gymnastic slippers became the main product Dassler. At the 1928 Summer Olympics for several athletes were in Dassler shoes.

After his father's death in 1948, the brothers had a falling out, and dividing the factory, founded new Adidas and Puma firm. After the collapse of the family business with each other brothers did not talk, and Puma and Adidas were the most fierce competitors.


In 1992, in the town Pfayzers Sandwich (United Kingdom) company Pfizer conducted studies of a new drug - sildenafil citrate, which was created to treat many heart problems. Developers believed that sildenafil citrate will improve blood flow to the heart muscle and blood pressure.

But in the course of investigations it was discovered that sildenafil citrate does not particularly affect the blood flow in the myocardium or blood pressure. Also, it was discovered that some male members of the experiment, are not willing to return the tablets after the test (and one even broke into the lab, where sildenafil was made to stock preparation for future use). All the reason for the refusal was a dramatic improvement in erectile function.

Scientists Pfizer pharmaceutical company does not have overlooked such an unexpected property of sildenafil citrate and recognize in it a good way to combat erectile dysfunction. So there was the drug Viagra, the name came from combining the words "Vigor" (strength, power) and Niagara (Niagara Falls) - the most powerful waterfall in North America.

the Mars

In 1911, 28-year-old Frank Mars in the money earned from trade with sweets, which he worked with 19 years, opened with his wife own shop. Confectionery shop located in the house of Mars, and the trade was conducted through the kitchen window. The range consisted of a candy store chocolates with different fillings, which Frank and Ethel sculpted by hand.

Once Mars and his son walking around the city, and the little boy asked his father to buy him a chocolate. In those years, chocolate was only sold in bulk, however, as the detergents company Henkel. For humans, this is uncomfortable, especially on hot summer days - even if carefully tayavshy eat quickly in the sun chocolate, they could very easily get dirty. At that moment, Frank thought, what if? ... And that "if" was embodied in small slices of chocolate, which were wrapped in foil.

As a result, a chocolate bar called the Milky Way becomes a hit young enterprise sales in a matter of days. In 1925, a new bar has been recognized as a leader in the chocolate market. Sales are growing steadily, and the company develops further, opening up new markets to sell their products.