7 facts about April Fools

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7 facts about April Fools

1. In 1962, Sweden had only one television channel, which broadcast in black and white. April 1 technical expert channel told viewers that, thanks to new technology, they can easily switch to color mode. To do this, it should have worn a nylon stocking that he demonstrated live.

2. April 1, 1947 died the Greek King George II. When the newspaper published a report about the death, many thought it was a joke.

3. April 1, 1976 English astronomer Patrick Moore on radio BBC played the audience, saying that will happen at 9:47 rare astronomical effect: Pluto will pass behind Jupiter, come with him to the gravitational interaction and slightly weaken the Earth's gravitational field. If students bounce at this point, they need to experience a strange feeling. Starting from 9:47 BBC has received hundreds of calls with tales of a strange feeling, and one woman even he said that together with his friends looked up from the chair and flew around the room.

4. April 1, 1915 at the height of World War I on the German camp there was a French plane and dropped a huge bomb. The soldiers rushed in all directions, but the explosion never came. Instead, the bombs landed a big ball with the words "April Fools!". 5. March 20, 2003 began the operation of American troops in Iraq. April 1 Ambassador of Iraq to Russia Abbas Khalaf Kunfut called a press conference and read out to journalists allegedly just received news from Reuters: "The Americans mistakenly struck British troops nuclear missile. Killing seven. " And after a few seconds in silence, she said shocked the audience: "April Fools!".

6. The Englishman Horace de Vere Cole became famous as a famous prankster. One of his best jokes began handing out tickets at the theater. Distributing strictly certain places bald men, he has achieved that with these bald skull from the balcony reads like a dirty word.

7. In 2003, the Prague flooded advertisements about the opening of a new supermarket "Czech Dream" with record low prices. At the opening attended by more than 3,000 people. After the ceremonial ribbon pererezyvaniya crowd rushed inside, but it turned out that before them was a huge poster in the middle of a flat field. All this action staged two students directing department, removing film about these events.